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  1. 61.
    A method and system is disclosed for determining a conversion rate of one or more advertisements based on a location of a user. The method and system associates geo-tags with one or more advertisements.
    IPCOM000233871D | 2013-Dec-24
  2. 62.
    A method is disclosed for displaying one or more targeted advertisements to a user arriving before a start time of a live streaming event, wherein the one or more targeted advertisements are fitted into a remaining time period before the start of the live streaming event. The method also includes identifying a set of...
    IPCOM000233870D | 2013-Dec-24
  3. 63.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing guaranteed delivery (GD) advertisements using exchange inventory. The method and system leverages greater predictability of exchange inventory (relative to a publisher) in offering new GD advertisement products. This promotes exchange platform differentiation by...
    IPCOM000233869D | 2013-Dec-24
  4. 64.
    A method is disclosed for analyzing comments posted by a user online to determine sentiments of the user. The method and system includes segmenting the comments into contexts of multiple entities across domains, wherein the entities are classified into neutral or polar classes.
    IPCOM000233868D | 2013-Dec-24
  5. 65.
    A method and system is disclosed for intelligently displaying/hiding one or more elements on a search result page in order to assist in maximizing overall revenue gains. The method and system determines a combinatorial expected effective Cost Per Thousand (eCPM) of each element in real time for intelligently...
    IPCOM000233867D | 2013-Dec-24
  6. 66.
    A method is disclosed for enhancing personalization by automatically identifying one or more active consumers of a shared device for targeting advertisements based on a given context.
    IPCOM000233866D | 2013-Dec-24
  7. 67.
    A method is disclosed for predicting a next web page to be visited by a user, for enabling a buyer of an advertisement space on the next web page, to arrive at a decision during a Real Time Bidding (RTB) process. The method thereby provides additional time to the buyer for arriving at the decision by predicting the...
    IPCOM000233865D | 2013-Dec-24
  8. 68.
    A method and system is disclosed fordelivering transient visual advertisements along with search results layout. The method and system includes selecting most matched items for a particular search keyword in a search result and composing a transient mosaic image of specific logo or figure of an advertiser associated...
    IPCOM000233864D | 2013-Dec-24
  9. 69.
    A method and system for estimating and comparing effectiveness of advertisements is disclosed. The method and system observe behavior of a set of users in response to an advertisement and estimate the effectiveness of the advertisement based on the observation. The framework is not limited to online advertising, but...
    IPCOM000233863D | 2013-Dec-24
  10. 70.
    A method and system disclosed for allowing a bidder to win bid for an advertisement call issued by a search engine in response to a search query provided by a user, even when the bidder does not have the highest bid. One or more bidders are qualified based on qualification criteria. Thereafter, one or more qualified...
    IPCOM000233862D | 2013-Dec-24