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  1. 71.
    Disclosed is a method and system for generating a generic text-CAPTCHA that mimics difficulty level of an arbitrary CAPTCHA. The method and system selects a random string of characters and builds a CAPTCHA image by subjecting the random characters within the CAPTCHA image to distortion dimensions and noise. The...
    IPCOM000233861D | 2013-Dec-24
  2. 72.
    Disclosed is a method for a marketplace of marketplaces for online advertising. In the marketplace of marketplaces enables sellers (content publishers) to sell advertising opportunities to buyers (marketplace supplier). The advertising opportunities are positions within online content published by the seller. The...
    IPCOM000233860D | 2013-Dec-24
  3. 73.
    A method is disclosed for dynamically partitioning users into one or more user clusters, and recommending the one or more user clusters for targeting an advertisement. A user cluster can be created based on one or more attributes such as behavioral, social, geographic, temporal and demographic attributes. Similarly,...
    IPCOM000233859D | 2013-Dec-24
  4. 74.
    A method for automatically discovering spatiotemporal relationships within labeled data is disclosed. The spatiotemporal relationships include one or more of, but not limited to, equivalence, containment, adjacency and periodicity. The method includes analyzing similarities between spatiotemporal footprints of...
    IPCOM000233858D | 2013-Dec-24
  5. 75.
    Disclosed is a rack installation aid tool. The tool can easily install servers to slides that are mounted in racks and reduce risk.
    IPCOM000233857D | 2013-Dec-24
  6. 76.
    Disclosed is a method and system for reusing consumed space of a mobile display for displaying one or more advertisements. The content already consumed by the user is grayed out and the one or more advertisements are displayed within the grayed out portion of the mobile display.
    IPCOM000233856D | 2013-Dec-24
  7. 77.
    A method and system for rendering location-based information such as, but not limited to, trending topics, and location-based advertisements, on a display of a wearable device is disclosed. The wearable device can be one of, but not limited to, a watch and an eye-glass. The method and system utilizes available...
    IPCOM000233855D | 2013-Dec-24
  8. 78.
    A method and system for rendering sponsored search advertisements (ads) in an email by utilizing social actions is disclosed. The method and system disclosed herein searches an ads backend for sponsored search ads using social actions as keywords, when the user enters an input such as a search query in the email.
    IPCOM000233854D | 2013-Dec-24
  9. 79.
    A method and system for tracking movement and behavior of a pointing device (such as a computer mouse) is disclosed. The method and system deploys transparent grids on a stack order index (Z-index) of web pages. The transparent grid can be used for tracking a behavior and movement of the pointing device of a user.
    IPCOM000233853D | 2013-Dec-24
  10. 80.
    Disclosed is a method and system for distinguishing topical and social groups based on common identity and bond theory. The method and system combines a set of metrics to determine degree of sociality and topicality of an online group. In addition, the method dynamically classifies the type of group.
    IPCOM000233852D | 2013-Dec-24