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  1. 101.
    This invention tells a novel solution about the enhanced version of wireless computer mouse (or other input device - mouse is used generically) that can be used for the remote notification.
    IPCOM000234643D | 2014-Jan-24
  2. 102.
    In this disclosure, we will provide an approach to create web API from existing Java SDK(Software Development Kit). Now there are some tools/solutions/approaches to create and manage web API. In such known solutions, Web API developer need to create API and create projects to implements the API. However, maybe...
    IPCOM000234642D | 2014-Jan-24
  3. 103.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing intelligent links (“Chat Hints”) to a user participating in a conversation, wherein the links are relevant to the conversation. The method and system parses the content of the conversation to extract a set of keywords. The method and system uses the parsed content to...
    IPCOM000234641D | 2014-Jan-24
  4. 104.
    IPCOM000234640D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-24
  5. 105.
    Disclosed is a triple-stage actuator system with a thin-film coil actuator (called “film actuator”) for hard disk drives. The film actuator is attached to a coil of Voice Coil Motor (VCM). In this proposed control system, the first stage is a VCM actuator, the second stage is a PZT actuator for moving the suspension,...
    IPCOM000234639D | 2014-Jan-24
  6. 106.
    Disclosed is an automated cabinet locking system which integrates with entrance and exit control system.
    IPCOM000234638D | 2014-Jan-24
  7. 107.
    Software replication technology for disaster recovery enable both high level disaster recovery with recovery point objective (RTP) = 0 and continuous operation for planned switch. But software replication technology supports only databases. Files can be recovered with disk mirroring, however it is difficult to...
    IPCOM000234637D | 2014-Jan-24
  8. 108.
    This disclosure enables the automatic setup (installation, configuration, and verification) of clustered middleware system including IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for distributed computing nodes. This allows parameter sheets in Microsoft Excel format as input for automatic configuration and setups multiple...
    IPCOM000234636D | 2014-Jan-24
  9. 109.
    This disclosure describes the effect of carbon nanofibers to a lime-pozzolana cement in order to improve the early compressive strength of the cement. The addition of carbon nanofibers to a traditional lime-pozzolana slurry resulted in a measureable fifty percent enhancement of the early compressive strength of the...
    IPCOM000234635D | 2014-Jan-23
  10. 110.
    Disclosed is a system and method to support specification of mapping of raw data (generated by multiple sources) to a normalized format and to perform the format conversion for the data such that the data can be processed by downstream big data analytics applications
    IPCOM000234634D | 2014-Jan-23