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  1. 111.
    For flat cables, all the signal pairs are arranged side-by-side from one to each other. If a user would like to switch a signal from A1 of P1 end to A1 of P2 end, the user may need to utilize either a flexible printed circuit (FPC) or redesigned paddle card to solve this signal switching challenge. However, the FPC...
    IPCOM000234633D | 2014-Jan-23
  2. 112.
    A system for providing personalized and pre-emptive answers to questions in a cognitive system.
    IPCOM000234632D | 2014-Jan-23
  3. 113.
    IT data are often subject to storage restrictions based on the data content which can affect where and how information may be stored. For example, legal, business, or medical data may require certain storage locations or policies. Alternatively, storage providers need the flexibility to provide various storage...
    IPCOM000234631D | 2014-Jan-23
  4. 114.
    Disclosed is a method of processing the elements of a container in a strongly typed language without compile-time knowledge of the type of the container or of the element type within the container.
    IPCOM000234630D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
  5. 115.
    Disclosed is a method to replace Uniform Resource Locator (URL) parameters with flexible parameter padding during the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request-recording phrase and, according to different versions of the target web application, dynamically construct parameters in the HTTP request for re-playing the...
    IPCOM000234629D | 2014-Jan-23
  6. 116.
    A method for implementing time lock functionality in a database system DBMS. The DBMS is updated to include a time access module. The time access module implements the policy to control specific database commands as they arrive into the engine via the coordinator agent. The coordinator agent consults with the...
    IPCOM000234628D | 2014-Jan-23
  7. 117.
    IPCOM000234627D | 2014-Jan-23
  8. 118.
    In a social media tool environment, a method is described for suggesting appropriate contextual metadata (or hashtags). The solution offers users intelligent hashtag selection guidance when constructing messages. A curated list of the most relevant and widely used hashtags culled in real time from global and...
    IPCOM000234626D | 2014-Jan-23
  9. 119.
    This invention describes a method that allows multiple applications to share the root web context. New applications can be added and the sharing is handled automatically.
    IPCOM000234625D | 2014-Jan-23
  10. 120.
    All email messages do not share equivalent importance or contribute to threats from identity theft through to data loss. This article describes a solution for providing risk based access to email, with a security policy incorporating metadata about the mail messages, and making use of a plurality of authentication...
    IPCOM000234624D | 2014-Jan-23