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  1. 121.
    Disclosed is a method, system and computer software program that ensures a user can share all the steps in an interaction flow to all other users in a web conference.
    IPCOM000234623D | 2014-Jan-23
  2. 122.
    Disclosed is a system for integrating business process applications, within a Business Process Management (BPM) system, with existing application user interfaces (UIs). The main idea is to dramatically extend the reach of business processes in BPM environments to include existing business web applications without...
    IPCOM000234622D | 2014-Jan-23
  3. 123.
    The present invention relates to the structure of the magnetic disk drive which has DSA driver on flex cable. especially, it is related with the shape of bracket and metal plate which supports the flex cable especially, and the structure of the attachment to the enclosure of base etc. 1) HDD which has arranged...
    IPCOM000234621D | 2014-Jan-23
  4. 124.
    Disclosed is cover seal structure which can provide stable sealing performance for drop-in cover type HDD.
    IPCOM000234620D | 2014-Jan-23
  5. 125.
    The disclosure discloses an appliance for remotely accessing and controlling mobile devices. The appliance integrates USB controller, Mobile Device Controller(MDC) and Ethernet controllers, which provides USB connection for mobile devices and supports remote mobile access.
    IPCOM000234619D | 2014-Jan-23
  6. 126.
    This disclosure discloses a tilt-based progress control method for mobile devices. To fast forward/backward the multimedia content, activate the progress bar first, and then tilt the device to make an angle to its initial position. The angle will be detected and measured by the accelerometer within the device, and...
    IPCOM000234618D | 2014-Jan-23
  7. 127.
    Once the design is changed, the CAD model should be imported again. The engineer should re-add one and re-generate the robot path. In the robotic cell proposal phase, the frequent design changing always makes this repeated work no-value added. On the contrary, if the robot target is modified in the CAR, the design...
    IPCOM000234617D | 2014-Jan-23
  8. 128.
    A program is disclosed which automatically categorizes the work item of the sales clerk.The method utilizes eye gaze from the wearable glasses and also image processing.
    IPCOM000234616D | 2014-Jan-23
  9. 129.
    This disclosure describes an audio synthesis model for the excitation of the strings of a musical string instrument by a bow. Inspired by research results pertaining to block-sliding motion, it superimposes regular pulse trains in a self-similar manner. The result is perturbed randomly to account for natural...
    IPCOM000234615D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-22
  10. 130.
    IPCOM000234614D | 2014-Jan-22