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  1. 131.
    Disclosed is a method of searching and playing back audio conference calls indexing by keywords and speaker. This idea focuses upon a new method that needs to be developed to enable users to retrieve relevant info to a call at any given time if so chosen.
    IPCOM000234613D | 2014-Jan-22
  2. 132.
    IPCOM000234612D | 2014-Jan-22
  3. 133.
    IPCOM000234611D | 2014-Jan-22
  4. 134.
    This invention describes a novel way to identify malicious insider threat by leveraging file content signatures from DLP and user access history from DataInsight to help determine if there is a potential threat to sensitive information
    IPCOM000234610D | 2014-Jan-22
  5. 135.
    Sender sends a checklist along with the email. The receiver can reply only after marking the checklist.
    IPCOM000234609D | 2014-Jan-22
  6. 136.
    This publication describes interfaces (i.e., application programming interface (“API”), user interfaces (“UI”s), etc.) to assist application administrators (e.g., Share Point administrators, database administrators, administrators, etc.) in partially defining a backup policy. As the application administrators own the...
    IPCOM000234608D | 2014-Jan-22
  7. 137.
    The invention relates to a circuit for detecting CAN bus physical wiring condition. Finding a CAN bus wiring fault can be a very time consuming task, and require extensive knowledge of the vehicle wiring harness. During fault measurement, the master controller activates two relays, which are isolating the master...
    IPCOM000234607D | 2014-Jan-22
  8. 138.
    Heat Protection has become an important claim for different styling products like pump sprays or mousses. The effectiveness of these formulations strongly depends on the right choice of the ingredients especially the styling polymers. Therefore we had performed a research study to identify these polymers. A...
    IPCOM000234606D | 2014-Jan-22
  9. 139.
    IPCOM000234603D | 2014-Jan-22
  10. 140.
    In this article, Smart meter data has been model as signal , signal decomposition and further denoising model construction based on frequency spectrum analysis. Furthermore, a innovative Framework has been proposed by us for power standby consumption estimation.
    IPCOM000234602D | 2014-Jan-22