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  1. 171.
    The disclosure is to use QR code to identify real time server status synchronization, server configurations and provide information of server power consumption, all installed parts compatible with server and misbrand components by smart device. Service engineers and end-users will able to obtain the information...
    IPCOM000234571D | 2014-Jan-20
  2. 172.
    Due to the increasing air traffic, airports need more space. However, their growth is limited by the implantation of cities, whose surface area tends to increase. The solution described proposes to use rivers and other marine sites as supports for floating airport, called aquaport. The description presents...
    IPCOM000234570D | 2014-Jan-20
  3. 173.
    IPCOM000234569D | 2014-Jan-19
  4. 174.
    This disclosure solves the problem of providing a full function stand built into an electronic display/tablet travel case.
    IPCOM000234568D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-17
  5. 175.
    Disclosed is a system, designed for distributed applications, that efficiently enables an arbitrary tree of dependencies (including finish dependencies) between tasks across multiple processes. The system allows the detection of failure of any processes within that chain, while continuing to preserve the dependencies...
    IPCOM000234567D | 2014-Jan-17
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is a method and system for straining a negative channel field effect transistor (nFET) region and a SiGe positive channel field effect transistor (pFET) region in a single wafer of scale less than or equal to 14 nanometers, by embedding a SiGe stressor material in the SiGe pFET region.
    IPCOM000234566D | 2014-Jan-17
  7. 177.
    A method and system is disclosed for estimating accuracy of self-reported health data. The method and system additionally includes formulating a schedule for reporting requirements based on comparison with objective, periodic measurements of analogous health data. The schedule is formulated to maintain and/or...
    IPCOM000234565D | 2014-Jan-17
  8. 178.
    Metal fuses are used in integrated circuits to program circuits, encode serial numbers, or add other features to integrated circuits. These fuses are difficult to program with a laser because they are inherently reflective, especially at the IR wavelengths used by the preferred lasers. This high reflectivity forces...
    IPCOM000234564D | 2014-Jan-17
  9. 179.
    Segregating an integrated circuit from a metal lead frame using established known manufacturing processes like punching or sawing is common in the semiconductor industry. For lead frames where there is little or no space available for punching or a lead frame with finer spacing between integrated circuits, sawing is...
    IPCOM000234563D | 2014-Jan-17
  10. 180.
    Common quad flat leaded packages (QFP) have the external leads or terminals formed in a J-shape and/or a gull wing. For the former, the leads are folded towards the package body whereas for the latter, the leads are shaped away from the package body. These two types of leaded packages (J-lead or gull wing) are common...
    IPCOM000234562D | 2014-Jan-17