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    Disclosed is an application that provides a user-determined planning/calendar integration capability and a user-defined reporting group dynamic roll-up capability for the Management Self-Assessment of Controls (MSAC) Integrated Reporting Application (MIRA) at the Global Services level.
    IPCOM000234742D | 2014-Jan-31
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a light collector that collects light from a wide range of angles and efficiently redirects the light by its architecture into an optical fiber for further transport.
    IPCOM000234741D | 2014-Jan-31
  3. 13.
    Disclosed are a method and system that gather mobile phone tracking data and create a pattern of mobile device presence in different locations as a means of detecting land fraud and ultimately enabling the authorities to take appropriate action.
    IPCOM000234740D | 2014-Jan-31
  4. 14.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing an improvement to an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) computer program product by integrating index analysis with source database managers from where data is being extracted. The method and system is helpful in recommending/ building additional indices for improving...
    IPCOM000234739D | 2014-Jan-31
  5. 15.
    A method and system is disclosed for switching data between shared and distributed repositories.
    IPCOM000234738D | 2014-Jan-31
  6. 16.
    A method and system is disclosed for managing non-blocking multi-level resource dependency for multiple operation queues.
    IPCOM000234737D | 2014-Jan-31
  7. 17.
    Il s'agit du domaine automobile, de tests de fin de ligne "On Board" et "Off Board " de type EOL ou après vente garage. En test fin de ligne ou en intervention garage, il est nécessaire pour tester un actuateur d'appliquer un protocole de fonctionnement pendant une certaine durée, ajustable par calibration, dans le...
    IPCOM000234736D | 2014-Jan-31
  8. 18.
    In 2011, BASF scientists invented a new technology with the potential to impact markets as diverse as consumer electronics, automotives, medical applications, and the security industry. At the heart of this technology is a new physical effect1, enabled by chemistry developed within BASF. Through a novel distance...
    IPCOM000234735D | 2014-Jan-31
  9. 19.
    This publication describes a method for testing the conversion from the fixed format to the flow format document by round-tripping a fixed format document through a flow format document. The major problem when testing reconstruction of layout elements during the conversion from fixed to flow format document represents...
    IPCOM000234734D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-31
  10. 20.
    This defensive publication describes how the labeling of layout elements in fixed format document can be automated, in those cases when the fixed format documents is produced from the existing flow format document. Fixed format documents contain no information about the layout elements. This represents a problem when...
    IPCOM000234733D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-31