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  1. 201.
    Fahrzeugdach mit einem Durchsichtsbereich und einer Vorrichtung zum Beeinflussen der Lichtdurchlässigkeit mit zumindest einem verstellbaren Polarisationsflächenbauteil, das als Polarisationsfilter relativ zu einem weiteren lichtdurchlässigen Bauteil verstellbar ist, wodurch der Lichtdurchgang in dem Durchsichtsbereich...
    IPCOM000234288D | 2014-Jan-16
  2. 202.
    Disclosed is a system for identifying, creating, editing, and manipulating useful abstractions from complex diagrams through a combination of user interaction and heuristics.
    IPCOM000234182D | 2014-Jan-16
  3. 203.
    A program is disclosed that is set up by a user which thereafter tracks the usage and performance of their computer system, to metrics that are specified by the user. This information also includes external sources of information, such as product information in the public domain, to compare hardware requirements...
    IPCOM000234181D | 2014-Jan-16
  4. 204.
    There are a number of issues related to conflicting or missing packages that are required to install and operate an application on a certain type of operating systems before the installation. That is sometimes a show stopper to proceed with successful installation. Those required libraries most often are given as a...
    IPCOM000234180D | 2014-Jan-16
  5. 205.
    Disclosed is an prefix algorithm for compressing a binary data by using untypical representation of special logical formulas and some prefix permutation.
    IPCOM000234179D | 2014-Jan-16
  6. 206.
    1. ABSTRACT The technical field is a potable water supply system, e.g. in lavatories for an aircraft. Within a lavatory (like any other on ground) means are installed to provide potable water for washing hands. Those means are in particular a faucet, which usually provides an activation of the water flow and means for...
    IPCOM000234178D | 2014-Jan-16
  7. 207.
    Disclosed is a mechanism of Single Sign On for remote desktop cloud applications by using human invisible sear QRCodes.
    IPCOM000234177D | 2014-Jan-16
  8. 208.
    Disclosed is a system and method for monitoring and performing Quality of Service (QoS) control of mobile notification messages. When a push notification is delivered from a notification service provider to a mobile client, the notification is first sent to a notification proxy server which acts as a delegate for...
    IPCOM000234176D | 2014-Jan-16
  9. 209.
    Disclosed is a method for visually impaired people to read on "normal" mobile devices. by listening the rhythms. This method has many advantages compared with current hardware or software solutions, such as small storage size, Low cost, Easy to implement. With this method, visually impaired people can easily...
    IPCOM000234175D | 2014-Jan-16
  10. 210.
    IPCOM000234172D | 2014-Jan-16