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    IPCOM000234171D | 2014-Jan-15
  2. 212.
    IPCOM000234170D | 2014-Jan-15
  3. 213.
    Cell Based Biosensors are composed of two major components (1) live cells sensors that detect and respond to stimulant(s) of interest (e.g. toxic molecules, irradiation, motion, force, etc.) and (2) a transducer that relays the cell's response into a measurable/recordable signal. Cell based biosensors are distinct...
    IPCOM000234169D | 2014-Jan-15
  4. 214.
    IPCOM000234168D | 2014-Jan-15
  5. 215.
    IPCOM000234167D | 2014-Jan-15
  6. 216.
    This article describses a new standardised and easy to implement and maintain content verification method based on data contained in URL.
    IPCOM000234166D | 2014-Jan-15
  7. 217.
    Unattended computers can be potentially used by intruders, where external peripherals like keyboard (connected to computer via Bluetooth or other wireless connections) can be easily switched to steal sensitive data. Known solutions limit physical access to device by an additional locking device. It is proposed to...
    IPCOM000234165D | 2014-Jan-15
  8. 218.
    This article describes a system for automatically making project management aware of "invisible" TO DO tasks - created by programmers in source code - without requiring onerous, manual, housekeeping.
    IPCOM000234164D | 2014-Jan-15
  9. 219.
    IPCOM000234163D | 2014-Jan-15
  10. 220.
    A sensor device comprises a sensitive element (1) and a support (2) for the sensitive element, the sup-port having a surface (3) with an access opening (4) to the sensitive element (1). A layer of adhesive material (5) covers at least parts of the surface (3). A venting medium (6) extends over the entire surface (3)...
    IPCOM000234162D | 2014-Jan-15