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Month of January 2014 - Page Number 23

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  1. 221.
    IPCOM000234161D | 2014-Jan-15
  2. 222.
    Verfahren für die Bestückung von Steckergehäusen mit Kabeln, die mit lanzenförmigen Kontakten versehen sind.
    IPCOM000234160D | 2014-Jan-15
  3. 223.
    Presswerkzeug zum Verformen von Metallhülsen
    IPCOM000234159D | 2014-Jan-15
  4. 224.
    Disclosed is breather filter and base plate design which can keep better HDD humidity control. Breather filter is plastic case type, and air which comes from cover side goes through in the filter unit, and discharged into base side. The breather filter is surrounded by base wall with narrow gap. The air should go...
    IPCOM000234154D | 2014-Jan-15
  5. 225.
    IPCOM000234153D | 2014-Jan-14
  6. 226.
    This invention is used to resolve the lock-contention of page-table emulation which divides vcpus into different groups based on its virtual numa info, then emulates page-table on groups instead of vcpus.
    IPCOM000234152D | 2014-Jan-14
  7. 227.
    A method for indicating an age metric of a circuit is disclosed. The method relies on a physical sensor co-located with the circuit. The sensor data is translated into an age metric that is simple and understandable to the computer system user or operator.
    IPCOM000234151D | 2014-Jan-14
  8. 228.
    The following describes a unique method for capturing and communicating Supplier Quality Impacts to IBM and IBM Clients. This ensures improved quality of IBM Products through elimination of poor performing Suppliers and/or driving meaningful improvements in Supplier Quality Performance. The end result is improvement...
    IPCOM000234150D | 2014-Jan-14
  9. 229.
    Deployment logs for Cloud Computing environments are unique, very large, and extremely difficult to use for debugging purposes . The use of a central cloud log indexing system to efficiently manage and organize messages related to pattern deployments is discussed in this article. The use of retaining "success"...
    IPCOM000234149D | 2014-Jan-14
  10. 230.
    Disclosed is a method to prevent the development of a leakage path caused by a partially cut end fin by implanting and electrically deactivating the partially cut end fins.
    IPCOM000234148D | 2014-Jan-14