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  1. 231.
    Disclosed is a method for self-aligned air-gap formation for Back End of Line (BEOL) interconnects, without additional lithography steps.
    IPCOM000234147D | 2014-Jan-14
  2. 232.
    Disclosed is a practical method for effective spot size characterization in spectroscopic ellipsometry/reflectometry setup. The key idea is not to involve any type of optical modeling but to observe how the raw signal at different wavelengths (for instance intensity or polarization state of the reflected light)...
    IPCOM000234146D | 2014-Jan-14
  3. 233.
    Method and system to retrieve kinetic energy
    IPCOM000234145D | 2014-Jan-14
  4. 234.
    One of the main issues with software is to identify performance problems that may have impacts on the non-functional requirements. The identification of possible bottlenecks in a software and the right tests cases to be executed is not a trivial task. Usually a big part of the bottlenecks issues are identified after...
    IPCOM000234144D | 2014-Jan-14
  5. 235.
    This technical disclosure relates to a scheme which utilizes existing J1939 CAN communication network and a display to identify the location of the controller on the vehicle to decide its communication address. Different ECUs on the vehicle communication network have an ECU address and name as their identity on the...
    IPCOM000234143D | 2014-Jan-14
  6. 236.
    IPCOM000234142D | 2014-Jan-14
  7. 237.
    The disclosure describes a new collaborative software solution with "hand-over" as key feature to address the communication issues with virtual project team in multiple time zones; the solution fixed communications problems and improved team performance via a new task management model.
    IPCOM000234141D | 2014-Jan-14
  8. 238.
    In sales pipeline management system, it is important to effectively allocate and rebalance salesforce's efforts which requries not only to predict if an ongoing opportunity will win or not, but also to estimate the wining probability over the time period. This disclosure proposes a method for estimating the wining...
    IPCOM000234140D | 2014-Jan-14
  9. 239.
    Big data is a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. Hadoop is an open source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data sents on clusters of commodity hardware....
    IPCOM000234139D | 2014-Jan-14
  10. 240.
    This article present a safe connection system, to build a trust - model by maintaining a whitelist system. This system can prevent user from wrong connected to an in-secured hot spot. The system contains an End-user client, a whitelist server and whitelist client. Whitelist server deals with the analyse of...
    IPCOM000234138D | 2014-Jan-14