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  1. 241.
    In this invention, a new input method is provided. It will help user to input multiple languages at the same time, and also help to people who are not familiar with the non native languages. In our invention, the input method have the several rows, and the number of rows can be configured, and the first rows will...
    IPCOM000234137D | 2014-Jan-14
  2. 242.
    This invention provides one method and mechanism to enable the Automatic Switch Profile in Clients of Multi-point Login System through the analysis on the location information, the predefined or customized rules. It provides the profile updating engine to support the profile synchronization on all clients when one...
    IPCOM000234136D | 2014-Jan-14
  3. 243.
    Nowadays, mobile users tend to install more and more powerful applications in their mobile phone since the new powerful mobile applications are quickly implemented and released. Since the functions provided in different applications maybe overlap, users need to find out the best application for specific...
    IPCOM000234135D | 2014-Jan-14
  4. 244.
    The operation of the the smart wearable devices will have the problem as its size and which makes it cannot have a large enough input device, this inventation provide a new way that allow the user to perform the input easily, which will improve the user experience a lot.
    IPCOM000234134D | 2014-Jan-14
  5. 245.
    Global Positioning System (GPS) is now becoming one of major data sources for moving object information collection because of its high accuracy and easy availability. It could be used to collect moving object data all day and all weather.GPS data is widely used in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and...
    IPCOM000234133D | 2014-Jan-14
  6. 246.
    Sales activity would generate massive sales opportunity in the sales pipeline, though some of them are promising, while still are inactive and zombie opportunities that would otherwise waste sales team's effort if they are not cleaned from the pipeline. This disclosure proposes a method and system for detecting...
    IPCOM000234132D | 2014-Jan-14
  7. 247.
    Disclosed a method for performance profiling of data flow with specific "Buoy Data Packets" among computer subsystems.
    IPCOM000234131D | 2014-Jan-14
  8. 248.
    Disclosed is a battery backup bank control algorithm of Sever applications.
    IPCOM000234130D | 2014-Jan-14
  9. 249.
    The "internet of things" is leading to a great number of household devices becoming available for control via cloud services (For example: remotely controllable thermostats like the Nest, remotely accessible deadbolts, security systems, cameras, garage doors, etc). This remote accessibility provides great convenience...
    IPCOM000234129D | 2014-Jan-13
  10. 250.
    We often find ourselves at events or in meetings, and do not realize that we have forgotten to mute our cell phones until they start ringing. All eyes quickly turn towards the disruptive ringing, which serves no purpose other than to make the phone's owner fumble while attempting to get the phone out to silence it....
    IPCOM000234128D | 2014-Jan-13