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    IPCOM000234712D | 2014-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000234711D | 2014-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000234710D | 2014-Jan-30
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    Network Time Limitation Allow limitation of time a network device (Computer, Ipod, Ipad, etc) is actively using the network. The accounting tracks the time during which data packets are sent to or received from a particular network device. If the accumulated time span exceeds a predefined limit, the network...
    IPCOM000234709D | 2014-Jan-30
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    A software implementation of full database change management process based on reverse operations trail with quality assurance. Proposed software implementation of full database change management system requires for each change to produce and evaluate reverse operation. The change is evaluated positively when sequence...
    IPCOM000234708D | 2014-Jan-30
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    It is proposed to use aggregated time zone and business hours per country information for all invited participants to find optimal time frame with maximum number of available participants. When scheduling a meeting, one simply adds all the participants one would like to invite. If they are from the same company, or...
    IPCOM000234707D | 2014-Jan-30
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    IPCOM000234702D | 2014-Jan-30
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    Disclosed is a new method of constructing performance models for cloud applications. The solution separates the components of the performance model into two parts: a logical application resource consumption model and a physical device model. The method also includes a performance analysis module.
    IPCOM000234701D | 2014-Jan-29
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    In a REST web services environment, it is common that a single GET/POST/PUT/DELETE call relies on a responsive backend service to provide the data - a database for example. Typically it is trivial to determine if this backend service is working, and there is a defined response time after which a response will fail. ...
    IPCOM000234700D | 2014-Jan-29
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    A method for creating a learning model to determine the best chart type to utilize for presenting data is disclosed.
    IPCOM000234699D | 2014-Jan-29