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    This invention provides a methodology to improve the LED effectiveness by optimizing the voltage delivery on a planar, using as inputs 1) the required LED location 2) the LED specified drive voltage and 3) the voltages available in the required location, based on the board schematic and layout files. This solution...
    IPCOM000234698D | 2014-Jan-29
  2. 52.
    How to use the authentication information received in meeting invitation directly on phone in booked meeting room instead force user to manually authenticate and call in meeting.
    IPCOM000234697D | 2014-Jan-29
  3. 53.
    As the Bluetooth ecosystem evolves where Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart brands continue to gain momentum as the preferred wireless technology in emerging products, the Bluetooth community of developers and manufacturers continues to struggle with testing and/or quality assurance of their products. Manual testing is...
    IPCOM000234696D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jan-29
  4. 54.
    A method is disclosed for extending life span of online documents stored in an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.
    IPCOM000234695D | 2014-Jan-28
  5. 55.
    The method described depicts how a sand control system can be constructed with a larger internal diameter by under reaming the borehole that will be over the area that will be fraced. This construction method allows for the use of larger diameter screens to be run on the Sandface assembly which in turn increases the...
    IPCOM000234694D | 2014-Jan-28
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    Disclosed is a method to reduce Short-Channel Effects (SCEs) by relaxing the effective channel length scaling while aggressively scaling the contact pitch using a folded channel architecture.
    IPCOM000234693D | 2014-Jan-28
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    IPCOM000234691D | 2014-Jan-28
  8. 58.
    IPCOM000234690D | 2014-Jan-28
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    Disclosed is a method to use additive strain induction for strained fin Field Effect Transistors (finFETs) as a means of boosting the strain in the channel.
    IPCOM000234689D | 2014-Jan-28
  10. 60.
    Disclosed is an implementation approach detail of a softwate system namely "Release Shaper" by which a version control tool repository can be operated for the following: - Search the changesets (group of changes) with ease by several customizable parameters which are preset to the system. - Merge the release...
    IPCOM000234688D | 2014-Jan-28