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  1. 91.
    Disclosed is a structure that enables Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) gamma ratio adjustment in silicon nanowire (NW) technology with stacked wires in some locations and single wire in others, in particular, SRAM positive channel Field Effect Transistors (pFET).
    IPCOM000235019D | 2014-Feb-24
  2. 92.
    A method and system is disclosed for controlling a vernier structure of a backside grinding of Through Silicon Vias (TSV) wafers.
    IPCOM000235018D | 2014-Feb-24
  3. 93.
    Disclosed is a heat sink designed to allow large balls to flow in cooling channels as a method of improving the heat transfer coefficient.
    IPCOM000235017D | 2014-Feb-24
  4. 94.
    A method and system is disclosed for eliminating columns from temporary tables during query execution. The method and system determines when the temporary table is created and then eliminates non-referenced columns from the temporary table.
    IPCOM000235016D | 2014-Feb-24
  5. 95.
    An Intelligent Brace System (IBS) for monitoring a patient’s activity is disclosed. The IBS enables a medical professional to upload a treatment plan for a patient on a brace of the patient. Additionally, the IBS monitors progress of the patient and sends alerts and notifications to the patient and the medical...
    IPCOM000235015D | 2014-Feb-24
  6. 96.
    This disclosure proposes a hardware component that forms a platform for a Software Defined Network Controller. While OpenFlow network controllers exist they require a standard server platform to host the openflow software. While this adds considerable function to the network it comes with significant structural...
    IPCOM000235014D | 2014-Feb-24
  7. 97.
    The method described in this paper provides a way to extend a web application hosted by an iOS native application to support documents open-in from an external application. This method relies on a technique that requires implementation only on the iOS hosting app without having to change the server side.
    IPCOM000235013D | 2014-Feb-24
  8. 98.
    When creating user interfaces, designers often want to compare their work with other products in the same software family or products with similar functionality. A method is disclosed that allows designers to quickly switch between similar sections of different applications.
    IPCOM000235012D | 2014-Feb-24
  9. 99.
    A method is proposed to enable quicker, automated synchronisation of multiple video and audio streams by analysing the recorded environment, creating synchronisation points using display lighting.
    IPCOM000235011D | 2014-Feb-24
  10. 100.
    Referencing correctly and accurately is a vital component of any written paper or article. Incorrectly referencing or failing to refer to a source can at best reduce the accuracy and validity of an article and at worst deem it invalid due to plagiarism. This patent aims to address this issue by enabling automatic...
    IPCOM000235010D | 2014-Feb-24