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    A filler plug (FP) is a device that retains the balls or rollers (rolling elements) in a slew-ring (or blade bearing) after assembly. Traditionally the FP was made of steel and was secured in place with a robust tapered pin (TP) that passed through the bearing ring and FP. This system needed to be strong because the...
    IPCOM000235445D | 2014-Feb-28
  2. 12.
    It is known to cast structural wind turbine parts in EN-GJS-400-18-LT; however, the use of a material with improved extreme and fatigue loading capability is desired, mainly for the main shaft. For this reason, the present idea concerns a casted main shaft for a wind turbine produced in an iron grade with higher...
    IPCOM000235444D | 2014-Feb-28
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    It can sometimes be difficult to determininethe cause of a web service fault in an integation environment. A mechanism is described that allows for context information to be added to fault reporting. This facilitates debugging by providing the insight needed to resolve a problem.
    IPCOM000235443D | 2014-Feb-28
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    A User Interface (UI) Console is provided in which, an in-browser floating console window is included for web application user interface augmentation with each command tied to one of the many UI actions and workflows that are otherwise tedious and time consuming for the user. The UI Console can automatically do UI...
    IPCOM000235442D | 2014-Feb-27
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    In typical terminal clients allowing to remotely access Unix operating systems (like Putty) after session is terminated (for example due to network problems, system availability issues or simply after closing the connection) all the session context is lost. Such terminal client software stores list of hosts and...
    IPCOM000235441D | 2014-Feb-27
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    New approach for cloud profiles detection based on common and custom characteristics for virtual asset management and method for discovery, matching and monitoring for licensing and environment maintenance purposes
    IPCOM000235440D | 2014-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000235439D | 2014-Feb-27
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    The invention provides a technique to optimize echo spacing (ESP) while performing Maxwell term compensation for a FSP MR image. This is mainly because prolong ESP introduce additional T2 decay artifact. The technique allows compensating two gradient axes together with de-rating technique. By flow compensation, the...
    IPCOM000235438D | 2014-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000235437D | 2014-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000235436D | 2014-Feb-27