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    This document describes a system and associated methods that enables making a decision of initiating a search action on the device/browser of one or more individuals subject to the context and activities of the individual with respect to the context of social circles, using as inputs a given capability to assess...
    IPCOM000235069D | 2014-Feb-26
  2. 42.
    This article describes a method of allowing parent tracing session to implant selective trace points into its childern whenever they are created, without having to create a new debug session.
    IPCOM000235068D | 2014-Feb-26
  3. 43.
    In the realm of Open flow controller flows generated by various services either proactively or reactively needs to be merged with the flows already installed on the network, So that the incoming packet can hit a single flow on the switch flow table and satisfy actions specified by various services. This whole ...
    IPCOM000235067D | 2014-Feb-26
  4. 44.
    A method to allow services to group arbitrary flows and submit for provisioning. ensure atomicity of the provisioning so that either all or none of the flows get provisioned. And correlate network events with the service defined groups for alerting services of the impact of such events.
    IPCOM000235066D | 2014-Feb-26
  5. 45.
    This article is about a system for improving the overall system performance by enhancing the Read ahead algorithm for Encrypted File system pages.
    IPCOM000235065D | 2014-Feb-26
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a system/tool for automating the activity of troubleshooting and staging configuration in a Software Defined Networking(SDN) Environment. The mechanism tries to leverage the visibility and knowledge of the entire network, present in an SDN controller.
    IPCOM000235064D | 2014-Feb-26
  7. 47.
    Disclosed is a system for protecting the encrypted file system data which has been loaded into memory by rootuser in Rootguard mode Specifically when root process acceess the dump of the process which has opened an encrypted File system and mmaped to it.
    IPCOM000235063D | 2014-Feb-26
  8. 48.
    User applications accessing a file in filesystem are not aware of changes to filesystem happening in the background such as unmounting the filesystem being accessed and mount of new filesystem on the same mount point. If the new filesystem also has file with same name/path being accessed by the application then...
    IPCOM000235062D | 2014-Feb-26
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    Disclosed is a technique that creates insight of brand affinity and customer's lifestyle analysis based on activity that causes machine generated SMS alerts on customer's mobile. Non-promotional SMS CDRs are generated from machine and triggered by certain activities (like banking transaction, booking travel...
    IPCOM000235061D | 2014-Feb-26
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    A process and methodology to improve a database manager computer program product, by integrating application data quality checks based on temporal and volume comparisons internally into the database manager, providing increased efficiency and throughput over current alternatives
    IPCOM000235060D | 2014-Feb-26