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  1. 51.
    The concept related to providing a technique for dynamically and remotely creating and updating Database Source Names (DSN) and Database Users from with-in Applications
    IPCOM000235059D | 2014-Feb-26
  2. 52.
    Migration or relocation of Workloads in a DataCenter is a computation, resource and time intensive process. The approach presented in this article aims at automatically identifying workloads, based on their behavior, that trigger the computation of placement plan and hence relocation of workloads. Once identified,...
    IPCOM000235058D | 2014-Feb-26
  3. 53.
    Data sources from different domains or different geographies often use different terminology to refer to the same attribute. To be able to reason across such varied data sources, the differences in terminology and semantics needs to be reconciled, so that reasoning may be done at a level that encompasses such...
    IPCOM000235057D | 2014-Feb-26
  4. 54.
    Design of enterprise social software (user interface or features) based on real time relationship quotient between participants of the interaction to aid effective contextual communication.
    IPCOM000235056D | 2014-Feb-26
  5. 55.
    Current system of out of office notification is only designed to send notices when the person is already on vacation and manually enables out of office. Knowing when someone is on vacation ahead of time is critical in better planning of projects. This article proposes a technique for advance notification when...
    IPCOM000235055D | 2014-Feb-26
  6. 56.
    This article discloses a technique to intelligently charge laptop battery considering the meeting schedules, location and laptop location as well as the current battery charge level to maximize the battery life.
    IPCOM000235054D | 2014-Feb-26
  7. 57.
    Disclosued is a technique to identify and scrub guest VM data present in host kernel dumps using dynamic taint tracking. In cloud environment it is quite possible to have the contents of guest VM in the hypervisor coredumps. It is essential to identify and scrub guest VM data in the host kernel dumpfile before...
    IPCOM000235053D | 2014-Feb-26
  8. 58.
    Disclosed is a method to provision or bring-up a newly shipped hardware device in a datacenter leveraging smart mobile devices and their capabilites to provide advanced and intelligent scenarios which are not possible using conventional means (USB, DVD keys etc).
    IPCOM000235052D | 2014-Feb-26
  9. 59.
    Disclosed is a technique to safeguard the minimal set of data and/or objects stored in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), and is identified as critical for an application software’s operational needs. Corruption of such important data (hereinafter referred as "application metadata") often leads to...
    IPCOM000235051D | 2014-Feb-26
  10. 60.
    A technique for generating a unique view by consolidating multiple mails from different tracking systems, using mail client based on user defined mapping rules and templetes. During collaborative develeopment using mutliple tracking systems one has to deal with many notification mails , Each of these mails has...
    IPCOM000235050D | 2014-Feb-26