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    The problem solved by this invention is the disk shroud breakage due to filter inlet/outlet. By minimizing the breakage, we can reduce flow induced vibration. This invention also addresses the particle clean up time which relies on the inflow and outflow conditions. Some of the known solutions to minimize FIV: (1)...
    IPCOM000235956D | 2014-Mar-31
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    The article presents a improved methodology to review settling dynamics of a server class HDD. The proposed data presentation and analysis scheme should benefit review to get a quick graphic comprehension of the complicated characteristic of settling dynamics.
    IPCOM000235955D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Several hair dyeing emulsions and shampoos have been developed based on the direct dyes Basic Blue 124, Basic Red 51, Basic Yellow 87, Basic Orange 31.
    IPCOM000235954D | 2014-Mar-31
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    This disclosure covers a non-contact method of communicating with a Vitals Patch during the conversion process. It makes use of a Near Field Communication technique where a loop antenna is part of the structure of the electrode structure. To test the Patch the electrode loop is energised remotely via a transmitter...
    IPCOM000235953D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Usage of Iron filled adhesive( 5% loading), called FT 2060, in a wearable sensor/consumable product to create electrical conductivity in vertical direction( perpendicular to adhesive layer)/ no conductivity necessary in horizontal direction .
    IPCOM000235952D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Formulation useful as skin preparation to improve signal stability of biosensors.
    IPCOM000235951D | 2014-Mar-31
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    There is a perceived need of small disposable wireless sensing devices in a small convenient form factor, which allows one to measure several vital parameters such as heart rate, respiration, activity, blood pressure, fluid retention, sleep disorder and numerous other physiological parameters which are useful and...
    IPCOM000235950D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is an automated rule-based, real-time, look-ahead and readjustment system that can detect the age, race, ethnicity, and gender of a mixed audience, and then apply policies and preferences to accordingly skip video frames containing material that is potentially inappropriate or offensive to audience members.
    IPCOM000235949D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is a system for learning what content is appropriate vs. inappropriate in a photograph taken with a smart phone based on the user’s profile, system training, and machine learning. The system then accepts the photograph as appropriate to share, alters inappropriate portions of the image, or denies the entire...
    IPCOM000235948D | 2014-Mar-31
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    In lower technology nodes (45nm and below), fabs are recommending maximum usage of rectangular vias over square vias. Power grid designers have started using rectangular vias for power stripe connections. In lower technology nodes (mainly 40nm and below) the standard cell power grid is predominantly based on NXT grid...
    IPCOM000235947D | 2014-Mar-31