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  1. 101.
    A pressure sensor comprises a first substrate (1) containing a processing circuit integrated thereon and a cap (4) attached to the first substrate (1). The cap (4) includes a container (41), a holder (42), and one or more suspension elements (45) for suspending the container (41) from the holder (42). The container...
    IPCOM000235856D | 2014-Mar-27
  2. 102.
    A device with a micro- or nanoscale structure representing one or more of a mechanical structure, a sensing element, an active and/or passive electrical circuitry, comprises a component (1) containing the micro- or nanoscale structure (13), and a support (2) for the component (1). The support (2) contains a recess...
    IPCOM000235855D | 2014-Mar-27
  3. 103.
    The present invention proposes a technique of sealing membrane of a spiral wound membrane element. The technique includes a strip of non-woven fabric similar to backing material of a membrane sheet. The strip of non-woven fabric is laminated on the membrane surface or back side along edge of the membrane sheet. Then...
    IPCOM000235854D | 2014-Mar-27
  4. 104.
    Thin double coat tapes are described which have a total thickness of 40 to 50 micrometers (0.0016 to 0.002 inches) in the absence of any release liners. Such tapes can be used in the areas of electronics, appliances, automotive, and general industrial products.
    IPCOM000235853D | 2014-Mar-27
  5. 105.
    Disclosed is a Branch Target Buffer (BTB) method applied to processor architectures that performs asynchronous, lookahead branch prediction from the main processor pipeline and begins with instruction fetching. The method enables the microprocessor to implement instructions for changing address mode in a way that...
    IPCOM000235852D | 2014-Mar-27
  6. 106.
    System and Method to auto generate Hash Functions
    IPCOM000235851D | 2014-Mar-27
  7. 107.
    Very often natural language used for one kind of audience is inaccessible to another audience. One of the main reasons for this is proficiency. People use different kinds of constructions while trying to convey the same message. In many professions, it becomes essential to bridge this lexical gap. For example, a...
    IPCOM000235850D | 2014-Mar-27
  8. 108.
    A method and system is disclosed for adaptively redistributing traffic for template optimization. The method and system redistributes traffic among competing templates, based on Click Through Rate (CTR), for rendering advertisements periodically. The method and system assigns highest traffic to the best performing...
    IPCOM000235849D | 2014-Mar-27
  9. 109.
    A method and system is disclosed for statistically comparing Tumblr* with other social networking sites. The method and system analyzes a social network structure among Tumblr users, analyze its user generated content, and describe reblogging patterns to analyze user behavior.
    IPCOM000235848D | 2014-Mar-27
  10. 110.
    Disclosed is a method for maximizing the visibility of the title on a user interface while providing the maximum number of toolbar functions. The solution uses a flip-card design to mask application controls in the title bar and reduce visual clutter.
    IPCOM000235847D | 2014-Mar-26