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    Power gate structures in state of the art SoC designs have a high number of power switches and complex topologies for power gating enable signal distribution. The number of buffer logic gates used to route the enable signal is proportional to the number of power switches, which can be huge in number. This structure...
    IPCOM000235946D | 2014-Mar-31
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a new viewing technique applied to a standard bar chart with vertical bar elements, wherein the elements in the data series are pre-sorted from high to low. The technique allows the viewer to directly see the major data elements, while providing an overview of the cumulative effect of the smaller data...
    IPCOM000235945D | 2014-Mar-31
  3. 13.
    We propose a linear calibration method for optimizing power consumption of LO chain inside a frequency synthesizer (PLL), more specifically at oscillator (VCO) and high frequency (HF) divider level. Both voltage and frequency check loops are implemented in the VCO and Divider couple, ensuring their correct operation....
    IPCOM000235944D | 2014-Mar-31
  4. 14.
    Disclosed are a method and system that enable personalities of secure boot modes to be loaded and used without removal. This library of modes improves the user’s ability to add new modes as well as the ability to return to a defined secure boot mode without a deletion and a reinstall.
    IPCOM000235943D | 2014-Mar-31
  5. 15.
    Disclosed is a power-saving feature for a server in a cluster configuration. If the server is not used for a specific period of time, then the feature intelligently powers-off the physical server rather than leave it in a sleep state to continue consuming power.
    IPCOM000235942D | 2014-Mar-31
  6. 16.
    Disclosed is a method to verify the validity of an email address before the full email message is sent.
    IPCOM000235941D | 2014-Mar-31
  7. 17.
    Disclosed are a method and system to leverage social media content to build relevant and dynamic skill repositories associated with customer support agents, better process incoming issues, and then match the issues to the agent best equipped to find the solution.
    IPCOM000235940D | 2014-Mar-31
  8. 18.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling or disabling a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate push functionality based on exchange of time information between a server and a client.
    IPCOM000235939D | 2014-Mar-31
  9. 19.
    Disclosed is a device that incorporates the capability of a smart phone and a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) to provide an augmented display for identifying a problematic system and providing detailed error conditions to the operator in a data center.
    IPCOM000235938D | 2014-Mar-31
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    Disclosed is a system for associating an Emergency Indicator (e-indicator) with a cell phone number such that the user can quickly identify when an incoming call is an emergency and requires immediate attention.
    IPCOM000235937D | 2014-Mar-31