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    Disclosed are a method and system that enable an external entity to identify whether a vehicle is in self-driving mode while on the road. In addition, the system compares the expected driving pattern of a self-driving vehicle to the actual pattern, in order to determine whether the vehicle is truly self-driven vs. a...
    IPCOM000235926D | 2014-Mar-31
  2. 32.
    Disclosed is a mechanism that allows users to quickly compare selected categorical data against other specified categories. The mechanism allows users to make a selection and specify against what to compare the selection, as well as which variables to include as part of the comparison.
    IPCOM000235925D | 2014-Mar-31
  3. 33.
    Disclosed are a system and method to create a semantically grouped set of widgets on a dashboard that can be converted into a report for business analytics.
    IPCOM000235924D | 2014-Mar-31
  4. 34.
    IPCOM000235923D | 2014-Mar-30
  5. 35.
    This invention proposes three states to adaptively switch mobile device keyboard modes. They are landscape mode, holding mode and split mode. Landscape mode is selected by default when keyboard is activated, and the landscape keyboard is presented to user in this mode. When there is pressure signal detected from...
    IPCOM000235922D | 2014-Mar-29
  6. 36.
    In a managed file transfer environment, when the files are transferred between different transfer node, the relations of those files was cut off once the transfer process is completed. Users probably would change the file name or location as per business or administration justification, which makes it even harder...
    IPCOM000235921D | 2014-Mar-29
  7. 37.
    During software testing, testing team and developer team use bug report to track the issue. If we found a bug report is similar or with same root cause with another bug report, product triage team will mark this bug report as duplicate to the one created more earlier. After a release complete, testing team will...
    IPCOM000235920D | 2014-Mar-29
  8. 38.
    System, methods, computer program product embodiment are provided to extract elements and attributes content of a markup language document and to convert them to a tabular format. The embodiment includes receiving a group of column path definitions, and an optional row path definitions, normalizing these path...
    IPCOM000235919D | 2014-Mar-29
  9. 39.
    This article presents a method and system of dynamic bookmark. For some web pages, though the web page content is changing everyday, the web page element framework is relatively fixed. This artical bookmarks by web page element and its structure. User bookmarks a web page element(a link for example), when user...
    IPCOM000235918D | 2014-Mar-28
  10. 40.
    When forming a thin sheet of glass from a down draw production unit, a continuous ribbon of the glass is supplied from the vertical melting/forming process to a horizontal bead removal unit. When the ribbon flow is interrupted for some reason, the web needs to be reconnected to the bead removal unit. This technology...
    IPCOM000235917D | 2014-Mar-28