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    The present invention proposes a tool to rotate a rotor during inspection, repair and maintenance. Connecting flange and reaction arm are required to be used. Such tool is used for all types of gas turbines, steam turbines and generator rotors while turning gear is unavailable. Hytorc jGun pneumatic torque wrench with...
    IPCOM000235906D | 2014-Mar-28
  2. 52.
    The invention proposes a technique for reducing risk to shock and burn during maintenance work for equipments. By combining low current intrusions characteristics with properly spaced hand placement, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements are reduced to nominal levels. Further, an enclosure design is used...
    IPCOM000235905D | 2014-Mar-28
  3. 53.
    The invention proposes a technique for protecting tower hoist sway. The technique avoids lateral movement of hoist by using a pulley type connection at down tower assembly (DTA) manually or motor driven. This is implemented by a chain hoist configuration. The lateral movement of the chain is minimized by creating a...
    IPCOM000235904D | 2014-Mar-28
  4. 54.
    The present invention proposes a trapezoid shaped floating baffle as a silencer baffle. The silencer baffles are placed in a vertical duct of a gas turbine. Such a shape of silencer baffles allows them to be replaced from a horizontal duct to the vertical duct. The horizontal duct act as transition between inlet and...
    IPCOM000235903D | 2014-Mar-28
  5. 55.
    The present invention proposes a technique to provide aerodynamic shape of wind blade in a wind turbine. The technique includes manufacture and application of an extender to acquire aero shape of the wind blade in the wind turbine. The aero extenders are manufactured with a dry sheet of ultra-high molecular weight...
    IPCOM000235902D | 2014-Mar-28
  6. 56.
    The present invention proposes a technique that allows up-tower portion of the wind turbine to be locked out and tagged out completely without travel down-tower utilizing minimal space requirements and keeping personal protective gear to a minimum as well. The technique includes a lock out and tag out device. The top...
    IPCOM000235901D | 2014-Mar-28
  7. 57.
    The present invention includes an improved heat sink structure for dynamic brakes. The heat sink used on the dynamic brake IGBTs uses an air-cooled copper technology. The initial temperature starts at an air temperature, such as, 40 degree Celsius (C), which is much lower than the coolant temperature. The proposed...
    IPCOM000235900D | 2014-Mar-28
  8. 58.
    The present invention proposes a technique for consistent image for a vision system on a robot. The technique includes template placed over a peened tenon for consistent image for the vision system on the robot. The template fits to swelled tenon on a bucket vane tip which is milled. Further, the template includes a...
    IPCOM000235899D | 2014-Mar-28
  9. 59.
    This article presents a method to encoding password. Instead of use password only, this article presents a method and system of encoding user typing history as part of the password. If password is matched while user typing history is not, user won't be authenticated.
    IPCOM000235898D | 2014-Mar-28
  10. 60.
    The present invention discloses a technique to improve efficiency of battery storage system in a wind turbine system. A heat pump is used to heat the batteries. The batteries are heated with waste heat from insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) in the wind turbine power converter. The proposed technique uses two...
    IPCOM000235897D | 2014-Mar-28