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  1. 71.
    This publication describes a method to personalise the settings for a mobile device by detecting object colour
    IPCOM000235886D | 2014-Mar-28
  2. 72.
    Disclosed is an apparatus and method for recording server used mileage and PFA improvement under high ambient temperature.
    IPCOM000235885D | 2014-Mar-28
  3. 73.
    IEEE 802.1Qbg technology can be used inside a clustered switch architecuture to simplify managing network virtualization.
    IPCOM000235884D | 2014-Mar-28
  4. 74.
    Traditional disk based storage systems used along with file systems; store data which is mostly scattered across the disk leading to fragmentation. Back applications which need to back up a set of files perform poorly in this kind of system because reading from these systems is very slow. This article shows method...
    IPCOM000235883D | 2014-Mar-28
  5. 75.
    City cab fare calculation can be more transparent and fare using scientific rationale. Fare for trip should computed based on distance, location, time of the day, city congestion . Self learning can be employed to improve fare calculation model.
    IPCOM000235882D | 2014-Mar-28
  6. 76.
    Disclosed is a system and method for generating social recommendations for software developers using information about their usage of third-party library APIs (application programming interfaces) which are mined from software repositories.
    IPCOM000235881D | 2014-Mar-28
  7. 77.
    During debugging it is often required to inspect a specific function being invoked. The interested function could be called frequently and from multiple places. In such cases, pipointing the condition at which user wants to collect debug infomraiton for such functions would be a challenge.
    IPCOM000235880D | 2014-Mar-28
  8. 78.
    Disclosed is a mechanism for reducing the memory footprint by leveraging the CIM Repository Inheritance for hierarchical namespace
    IPCOM000235879D | 2014-Mar-28
  9. 79.
    This publication outlines a method and approach to use geo location services in order to determine a user's decision. How and which business outlet a user selects to visit, when faced with multiple options taking into consideration factors such as traffic, congestion, distance etc helps associate a vote of...
    IPCOM000235878D | 2014-Mar-28
  10. 80.
    During a presentation of any kind, many times there is a need to use the whiteboard either for Q/A session or to elucidate the material in an interactive way. This paper describes a method to project plain white image or adjust the transperancy of the image being projected.
    IPCOM000235877D | 2014-Mar-28