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    Lithium-ion batteries are in widespread use worldwide in a vast array of electronic and electric devices ranging from hybrid and electric vehicles to power tools, portable computers and mobile devices. While generally safe and reliable energy storage devices, lithium-ion batteries are subject to a catastrophic failure...
    IPCOM000236511D | 2014-Apr-30
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    Modifications made to the surface on the outer diameter of a threaded back-up ring as shown in attached drawing below describing outer diameter surface defined by .635"/.645" reference linear, .370"/380" radius and tangent surface at 40 degree angle,) can be utilized to increase the coefficient of friction with mating...
    IPCOM000236510D | 2014-Apr-30
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    Disclosed are a method and system by which, once any video is published to a social networking site or uploaded to a public video portal, the software installed in the video portal or in the social networking site can highlight the one or more video sections where the publishing, viewing, or listening license is...
    IPCOM000236509D | 2014-Apr-30
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    Disclosed are a method and system to enable confidential content functionality in a mobile device using pressure sensors in the device. When the user applies pressure to the device casing, the system assigns the appropriate level of confidentiality to the content being entered; the higher the pressure is, the...
    IPCOM000236508D | 2014-Apr-30
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    The present technical disclosure describes an optical device for reducing speckle noise of laser light and a compact portable phoropter module. The laser speckle reduction device is based on a reluctance force based actuator which moves an optical element such as a diffusor. By combining various adaptive optics...
    IPCOM000236507D | 2014-Apr-30
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    adhering to the place cell phone practice etiquette
    IPCOM000236506D | 2014-Apr-30
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    Disclosed is a method to provide data affinity amongst sessions that require the same data sets on top of a flexible hierarchical scheduling framework.
    IPCOM000236505D | 2014-Apr-30
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    The productive output of an IETF working group (WG) is documents, as mandated by the working group's charter. Working groups develop these documents based on initial input at varying levels of maturity. An initial working group draft might be a document already in wide use, or it might be a blank sheet, wholly...
    IPCOM000236504D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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    A Location Information Server (LIS) is a service provided by an access network. The LIS uses knowledge of the access network topology and other information to generate location information for Devices. Devices within an access network are able to acquire location information from a LIS.
    IPCOM000236503D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Apr-01
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    This disclosure discloses a CAPTCHA solution for user to easily pass the challenge and still keep the security capability. The solution offers an image composed by two layers. And there will be an obvious logical error or an instruction. With the basic logical thinking, user can perform one drag operation to...
    IPCOM000236502D | 2014-Apr-30