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  1. 101.
    Disclosed is a solution to better manage and analyze Big Data. This system allows customers to combine data from structured and massive unstructured data by bringing in data from different data sources and displaying the results in an intuitive user interface.
    IPCOM000236405D | 2014-Apr-24
  2. 102.
    A method and system is disclosed for organizing, accessing, and displaying multiple levels of help information directly within a User Interface (UI).
    IPCOM000236404D | 2014-Apr-24
  3. 103.
    Disclosed is a system to automatically adjust the size or brightness of a screen area at which a user is looking based on the distance between the user and the screen, and/or whether the user is turned away from the screen.
    IPCOM000236403D | 2014-Apr-24
  4. 104.
    Disclosed is a method for indexing multiple tables within a single index, without the need to create a customizable solution. The structure and approach of this method can be applied to any Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) containing entity/attribute relationships.
    IPCOM000236402D | 2014-Apr-24
  5. 105.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing interchangeable headers in a table.
    IPCOM000236401D | 2014-Apr-24
  6. 106.
    Business document are created in different formats (e.g, word documents, presentations, emails) collectively referred here as ‘information documents’. Such Information documents are worked on collaboratively and also reviewed at different levels in the organization. Often the information across versions is lost...
    IPCOM000236400D | 2014-Apr-24
  7. 107.
    In storage cloud computing there is a need for light weight multitenancy suitable for private cloud, where the tenants of the cloud comes under a trusted organizationsal realm. The solution is to have a light weight departmental schema that is embedded into storage systems like network attach storage such that the...
    IPCOM000236399D | 2014-Apr-24
  8. 108.
    In the current implementation of AMS (Active memory sharing), there is no security provided with respect to the pages that are paged out to the VIOS paging space partition. Since the VIOS paging space partition is nothing but the disks belonging to the VIOS, a VIOS administrator can easily get access to the memory...
    IPCOM000236398D | 2014-Apr-24
  9. 109.
    Disclosed is a enhancement over OpenFlow specification to handle flows and events more efficiently. When any event occurs in a Open flow switch, the event is sent to controller and switch will have to wait till controller processes the event and take action. Proposed Solution will allow switch to take quicker...
    IPCOM000236397D | 2014-Apr-24
  10. 110.
    The nodes in a cluster can also send and receive messages over Fibre Channel link instead of ethernet, when they function as SCSI targets. In a virtualized enterprise environment the cluster nodes can be N_Port ID Virtualization(NPIV) clients. Disclosed is an efficient method, where NPIV clients in a cluster...
    IPCOM000236396D | 2014-Apr-24