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  1. 111.
    An approach to dynamically configure HTTPKeepAlive flag on web/application servers to achieve improved performance.
    IPCOM000236395D | 2014-Apr-24
  2. 112.
    Identity resolution of job description involving cross organizational data would go a long way in addressing several high valued busi-ness problems. Job data normalization/sanitation, automated cre-ation of better job descriptions with context preference, description reuse and validation across different sources,...
    IPCOM000236394D | 2014-Apr-24
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a method in the area of system level thermal management to identify any thermal based degradation of integrated circuits in order to prevent any potential service disruption of computers
    IPCOM000236393D | 2014-Apr-24
  4. 114.
    System and Method for generating content specific action-link Our proposed method solves the following problem Currenly any activity/action that can be performed on a certain content is hardwired/hardcoded in the content itself. Where content stands for digital content (pdf, doc, etc) and Action/Activity: links,...
    IPCOM000236392D | 2014-Apr-24
  5. 115.
    A method and system is disclosed for performing a high yield, low cost and scalable three dimensional integration based on double or deep Buried Oxide Silicon on Insulator Structures.
    IPCOM000236391D | 2014-Apr-24
  6. 116.
    The disclosure discloses a hybird optimization method of bigdata effective storage and efficient query for Power system. In the method, the optimization process is devided into two parts, retrieval calibration and cache optimization. Retrieval calibration first designs the row key for the database according to the...
    IPCOM000236390D | 2014-Apr-24
  7. 117.
    This invention proposes a business case evaluation method for EVCS (electric vehicle charging station); a bidding method to guide EVCS operator to participate in ancillary services so as to increase the profitability; and an optimization design method for EVCS configuration to maximize NPV (net present value) based on...
    IPCOM000236389D | 2014-Apr-24
  8. 118.
    Rich text is widely used in computer world because it can convey more information than plain text. However, current text search function only looks for match of words without considerations or styles. In this disclosure, a new method is proposed to enable ability to search text with rich format.
    IPCOM000236388D | 2014-Apr-24
  9. 119.
    Smart mobile phone is very popular today, generally people will touch and slide phone screen to page up, page down, move left and move right. Generally the sliding screen will interrupt the reading, browsing and anything people are doing on phone, so our invention introduces one method to control application...
    IPCOM000236387D | 2014-Apr-24
  10. 120.
    Disclosed is a method, applied to complier-based microprocessors, which determines whether changes can be made to chip operations controlled by the compiler in order to reduce di/dt (noise), while maintaining high performance to the many application metrics that the compiler team traditionally optimizes.
    IPCOM000236386D | 2014-Apr-23