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  1. 151.
    This article describes a new way to manage business-critical applications running on the system. Starting from the understanding that a classical deamon-based methodology is not robust enough, the article presents how applications can centrally be managed by a system, installed on the OS, which ckecks the health of...
    IPCOM000236354D | 2014-Apr-22
  2. 152.
    This article explains a system and method of zero-cost data exchange between automatic vending machines, where the token that people use for the payment of the drinks is adopted as a media to transfer data between a machine and the others.
    IPCOM000236353D | 2014-Apr-22
  3. 153.
    Optimization and prioritization of personal electronic calendar
    IPCOM000236352D | 2014-Apr-22
  4. 154.
    Photos taken by embedded camera in mobile phones can be used to register a scene or a street situation that needs to be certified about location and time of the event, for example, to be used in future for legal issues. This article discloses a method and system to authenticate photo location and time using the...
    IPCOM000236351D | 2014-Apr-22
  5. 155.
    IPCOM000236347D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Apr-22
  6. 156.
    Disclosed is a system for intelligently moving virtual machines (VMs) from a network-constrained server to a server that has available bandwidth. The system comprises the novel features of the ability to correlate the Internet Protocol (IP) address and traffic received on the Network Interface Card (NIC), as well...
    IPCOM000236346D | 2014-Apr-21
  7. 157.
    The system and method disclosed in this paper allows for the automatic population and/or verification of the type of seed or chemical product information in a vehicle documentation product application control system. This type of system would be typically found in agricultural equipment used for the planting of...
    IPCOM000236344D | 2014-Apr-21
  8. 158.
    Disclosed is a specific method to resolve the recursive look-up logic and complex relationship among the moving data within a Connected Graph Data Structure used in the Extract Transform Loading (ETL) industry.
    IPCOM000236343D | 2014-Apr-21
  9. 159.
    Disclosed is a method in the flash memory-based subsystem, mainly related to SSD drives, to propose a visual indication and alert management scheme.
    IPCOM000236342D | 2014-Apr-21
  10. 160.
    Disclosed is a power and area efficient technique for generating accurate clock phases. The technique uses a digital quadrature phase error correction circuit that converts I/Q timing differences to 25% duty-cycle pulses, which can be low-pass filters and compared to detect quadrature phase mismatch.
    IPCOM000236341D | 2014-Apr-21