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  1. 171.
    The invention proposes a new design of programmable controller system with a built-in compiler. In this design, the controller is platform independent to configuration tool in host personal computer (PC). The configuration tool only needs to interpret the user programs by an intermediate language no matter which...
    IPCOM000236330D | 2014-Apr-21
  2. 172.
    A look at some of the chanllanges of managing an application spread over multiple clouds and a proposal for a self managed model which will automatically handle distribution, recovery, maintenance and support of such a distributed cloud application.
    IPCOM000236329D | 2014-Apr-21
  3. 173.
    In this article we present a set of rules to define the data mapping between SOA services , we also descibe how to design a system to interpret these rules
    IPCOM000236328D | 2014-Apr-21
  4. 174.
    Disclosed is a networked architecture of data-centric middleware components in a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment to provide a scalable and robust data analytics platform suitable for the development of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models.
    IPCOM000236327D | 2014-Apr-21
  5. 175.
    Disclosed are a Supplementing Ability Method and system to facilitate the involvement of young people with disabilities (YPD) in online communications. The system assumes the role of a friend in the online community and conducts a one-on-one conversation with the YPD using system-generated messages with appropriate...
    IPCOM000236326D | 2014-Apr-21
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is an interactive Role Playing Game (RPG) game that facilitates a friendly and collaborative space for productive interaction. The game, Architecture in Box, is designed to accelerate the learning of Enterprise Architecture (EA) plan skills.
    IPCOM000236325D | 2014-Apr-21
  7. 177.
    Disclosed is a method to simplify the cycles of model and report creation and maintenance.
    IPCOM000236324D | 2014-Apr-21
  8. 178.
    This article describes software program that will analyze text on a mobile device and based on identified names it will offer the user, by direct link, to download specific apps from the OS application store. The user will not have to go into the OS application store and search for the application he wants. For...
    IPCOM000236323D | 2014-Apr-20
  9. 179.
    A method to find the columns of test steps and expected results in tabular collections of test cases, without being dependent on column titles. The method is based on detecting patterns of text columns, indents, and extent of the column being full.
    IPCOM000236322D | 2014-Apr-20
  10. 180.
    When immersed in work, many times a user gets notified that new chat messages arrived in closed or minimized chat windows. The user stops what he is doing. shifts his focus to the chat window only to find out that there is some meaningless acknowledgment to something the user wrote before, e.g., bye. This is time...
    IPCOM000236321D | 2014-Apr-20