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  1. 191.
    A self-contained connector is disclosed for providing a micro-motion restrain for shock and vibration environments.
    IPCOM000236309D | 2014-Apr-18
  2. 192.
    Disclosed is a method that temporarily deploys settings changes to allow a test before committing the changes to a system in which those changes block access to the control interface.
    IPCOM000236304D | 2014-Apr-17
  3. 193.
    Disclosed is a system to tag the global surveillance video streams of a given area with event data from the servers in the associated data center. This creates a tagged video stream set that can be indexed, searched, and selectively saved for future reference without requiring the administrative staff to curate...
    IPCOM000236303D | 2014-Apr-17
  4. 194.
    Disclosed is a system that allows a thermal sensor coupled to the body of the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) socket to 'open' the EEPROM circuit when an excess of heat is detected, thus reducing damage to the chip and danger to a user.
    IPCOM000236302D | 2014-Apr-17
  5. 195.
    Disclosed is a system for prohibiting drivers from pumping gas while the vehicle’s engine is running.
    IPCOM000236301D | 2014-Apr-17
  6. 196.
    This paper describes a method that analyzes a web address provided by an online service customer and determines whether the web address is likely associated with a small business. If the web address is determined to be associated with a small business, then the customer is directed to an online service that is...
    IPCOM000236300D | 2014-Apr-17
  7. 197.
    A battery includes a solid electrolyte activating one or one or more negative electrodes. A positive active material is distributed throughout an interior of the electrolyte. The positive active material is a chemical component that includes sulfur. The present discussion relates to electrochemical devices, and...
    IPCOM000236299D | 2014-Apr-17
  8. 198.
    Disclosed is a method to standardize the redirect system and function for web-based files, making easy, successful redirects of all target file types possible.
    IPCOM000236298D | 2014-Apr-17
  9. 199.
    Disclosed is a method to enable a high-capacity storage system to operate in the manner that is expected by the current controlling software when a synchronous mirror failover command is received in a cascaded environment.
    IPCOM000236297D | 2014-Apr-17
  10. 200.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically retracting and engaging an air dam for a flash storage system.
    IPCOM000236296D | 2014-Apr-17