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    IPCOM000236469D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Web transactions are key business drivers and Internet facing Applications typically have to accommodate an increasing geographically disperse end user population, with end users located in different continents, countries, cities and towns. This disclosure shows how a system composed of service beacons can be set ...
    IPCOM000236468D | 2014-Apr-29
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    A batch process is disclosed for creating vicinal surface on multiple Silicon carbide (SiC) wafers and producing single graphene without pitting the surface.
    IPCOM000236467D | 2014-Apr-29
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    IPCOM000236466D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Websites are becoming larger in size, more complex in what they display and are updated with greater frequency than ever before. This means users can receive up to date, complex information. But what this also means is that whenever new information is presented, whether it be a new image, new text within a...
    IPCOM000236465D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Putting together an optimal team requires detailed knowledge of the individuals, their availability, skills as well as knowledge of how they interact together. It is typically the job of project manager to define the team. This is often done with less than perfect knowledge and can result in poor project...
    IPCOM000236464D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Method to determine confidence of quality of software by profiling the developer based on a confidence metric generated from static source analysis coupled correlated with commit history
    IPCOM000236463D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Wireless communication between physically separated entities is typically accomplished via traditional networking protocols such as Wi-Fi or Mobile Networking. However, use of these technologies require special hardware and communication frequency slots. Objects such as vehicles include light sources for obvious...
    IPCOM000236462D | 2014-Apr-29
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    The disclosure discloses a method/system for product managers to link product selling points to customer acquisition and interactively manage target customers to achieve precision marketing at scale.
    IPCOM000236461D | 2014-Apr-29
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    Disclosed is a slider filter control for data tables that is associated with a data dimension as opposed to a filterable data item with a set of predefined values.
    IPCOM000236460D | 2014-Apr-29