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  1. 51.
    This disclosure implements a method to leverage VSI definition to configure VXLAN on VXLAN gateway automatically and dynamically in EVB, by which will improve the efficiency for network management.
    IPCOM000236459D | 2014-Apr-29
  2. 52.
    This article discloses a method and system to address the demand forecast problem, especially for the situation where the data series is short. The method takes product's generation dimension into consideration within each product category (e.g., high-end, mid-range, and entry as the high level categories, 1st,...
    IPCOM000236458D | 2014-Apr-29
  3. 53.
    A method and system is disclosed for performing a view search conversion. The method and system utilizes user actions, user ID and a device ID for determining the view search conversion.
    IPCOM000236457D | 2014-Apr-29
  4. 54.
    Disclosed is an enhancement to user interfaces that show large tables or lists of data records. The enhancement allows user to conveniently filter displayed data to see data records similar to a particular selected data record.
    IPCOM000236456D | 2014-Apr-28
  5. 55.
    Disclosed is a method to produce a tamper-resistant unique ID (UID) number based on Alpha Decay. The method comprises a decaying alpha source, a unique filter, and a series of alpha detectors to create a UID.
    IPCOM000236455D | 2014-Apr-28
  6. 56.
    A system and method to generate automation script for MVC web application automatically. It will extract appobjects from view and model layers, generate function code from model, controller and view layers by static code review. With navigation path generator, test case could be generated based on these...
    IPCOM000236454D | 2014-Apr-28
  7. 57.
    A method and system for organizing emails by providing a reply later feature for emails is disclosed.
    IPCOM000236453D | 2014-Apr-28
  8. 58.
    Disclosed is a method to utilize memory metal to disengage a server chip when an over temperature situation is reached.
    IPCOM000236448D | 2014-Apr-25
  9. 59.
    Pin remapping is commonly used in current design to highly reduce the pin numbers of a chip. At the same time, how to verify mountains of pin remapping in a SoC (System on Chip) is a hot topic, and also a big challenge. This paper first introduces current verification flow of pin remapping and the bottlenecks of the...
    IPCOM000236447D | 2014-Apr-25
  10. 60.
    Due to design limitation, the side wall of current xQFN is the copper after Singulation Saw, which is not Tin wettable during SMT. So dimple was design on the lead which can make Tin wettable during SMT. However, during singulation process, too much heat caused burrs left in the dimple after singulation saw. It will...
    IPCOM000236446D | 2014-Apr-25