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  1. 81.
    Disclosed is a system for a multi-phase direct current-direct current (DC-DC) converter phase rotation. This involves rotating which phases are operating when a multi-phase Voltage-Regulator Down (VRD) is running on a reduced number of phases. Rotating the phases allows the enabling of lower-temperature phases,...
    IPCOM000236425D | 2014-Apr-24
  2. 82.
    Disclosed is a modification to a headphone jack design that provides a convenient all-in-one volume control-headphone jack, which then allows smaller and simpler interface panels.
    IPCOM000236424D | 2014-Apr-24
  3. 83.
    Disclosed is a method to automatically mute a participant on a conference call when that participant is not actively participating or paying attention, or has excessive background noise.
    IPCOM000236423D | 2014-Apr-24
  4. 84.
    Disclosed is a method for protecting a user’s privacy when viewing a screen (on a computer, smart device, etc.) that considers multiple viewers of a screen and applies that information to a single login session. Based on the detected viewers and the user’s viewer permission list, the system enables or disables...
    IPCOM000236422D | 2014-Apr-24
  5. 85.
    All SOCs have lot of un-used digital logic which does not serve any functional purpose, e.g. a logical gate with none of the output driving anything. This unused logic consumes static or dynamic or both static and dynamic power. This paper presents a novel approach to save this static and dynamic power of unused logic...
    IPCOM000236421D | 2014-Apr-24
  6. 86.
    A cabinet lock for locking to a wire-frame cabinet having first and second sliding doors for protecting merchandise from theft is provided. The cabinet lock comprises a body portion configured to removably attach to the wire-frame cabinet such that the body portion may be attached to the wire-frame cabinet and...
    IPCOM000236420D | 2014-Apr-24
  7. 87.
    Disclosed is a new method for generating Java* Server Page (JSP) codes, Java codes, and other codes for an existing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application. This method uses Microsoft** Excel and the embedded programming language, Visual Basic for Applications,...
    IPCOM000236419D | 2014-Apr-24
  8. 88.
    Disclosed is virtual method for testing factory systems setup and identifying errors. This approach eliminates the need to use physical components, thereby accelerating the process and reducing the risk to actual production material.
    IPCOM000236418D | 2014-Apr-24
  9. 89.
    Reported herein are amorphous solid dispersions of lorcaserin hydrochloride and processes for their preparation.
    IPCOM000236417D | 2014-Apr-24
  10. 90.
    Disclosed is a method to use a set of registers in a high-performance processor to hold instruction identifiers for load instructions that have experienced incorrect store forwarding due to address aliasing. This allows an aliasing load to finish successfully without penalizing other loads that overlap in...
    IPCOM000236416D | 2014-Apr-24