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    IPCOM000237091D | 2014-May-30
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    The invention provides for the addition of a unique expandable component which improves the thermal response of single wax-element-based valves and cartridges at low flow rates. However, unlike the fixed restrictor components known in both prior art, and current products, the component expands or “grows” to...
    IPCOM000237090D | 2014-May-30
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    IPCOM000237089D | 2014-May-30
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    Disclosed is a low-cost, adaptive thermal signature device used during new systems bring-up and early validation that can create the appropriate thermal signatures of other devices that are not available at the time of testing.
    IPCOM000237088D | 2014-May-30
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    The present innovation is aimed at providing an automated review tool for XQuery & MarkLogic Code. The tool identifies a standard set of rules and guidelines. The tool further uses a derived rule set based on review comments shared by Leads and Architects.
    IPCOM000237085D | 2014-May-30
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    When a large web page which contains lots of rich content is loaded on a latency network, it will take time to display page contents piece by piece, and it might bring trouble for the user when he tries to focus on reading single content since the page is frequently repainted and page contents are always...
    IPCOM000237084D | 2014-May-30
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    This disclosure provides an easy and effective heuristic web search approach by category combination and bidirectional selection. It guides user to select proper search condition through heuristic categories and setup the filter conditions by combining categories and selecting bidirectional options. Also user can...
    IPCOM000237083D | 2014-May-30
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    The present invention discloses a novel workstation which is modular, more safe, comfortable and convenient to use, portable, economic (in respect of cost and space), and capable of accommodating equipment of various configuration.
    IPCOM000237082D | 2014-May-30
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    The emerging vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications standard can help prevent bicycle-vehicle collisions as well as bicycle-on-bicycle collisions. The idea described herein is to build a device that allows a smartphone to access the V2V network and this, in turn, will allow bicyclists to participate in the V2V...
    IPCOM000237081D | 2014-May-29
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    This disclosure generally relates to systems and methods that facilitate generating a language agnostic uniform resource locator (URL) for a content item to a landing page that includes metadata describing various language options for presenting the content. Furthermore, a receiving device follows the URL and reads...
    IPCOM000237080D | 2014-May-29