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  1. 91.
    IPCOM000237536D | 2014-Jun-20
  2. 92.
    A method and system is disclosed for using steganography and visual cryptography to establish a hierarchical authentication structure.
    IPCOM000237535D | 2014-Jun-20
  3. 93.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically creating automation code for an application written using native programming language by parsing input files of the application.
    IPCOM000237534D | 2014-Jun-20
  4. 94.
    A method and system is disclosed for displaying one or more fake/phony intellectual messages in place of one or more original instant messages received on a smart phone. The method and system displays the one or more fake/phony intellectual messages after detecting a predetermined finger pressing pattern of a user on...
    IPCOM000237533D | 2014-Jun-20
  5. 95.
    The invention includes a technique to shield radiofrequency (RF) generated by a magnetic resonance (MR) coil in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. The technique includes carbon fibers as conductive material. Reinforced carbon fibers are woven in a meshed structure or glued together with a conductive adhesive.
    IPCOM000237532D | 2014-Jun-20
  6. 96.
    Disclosed is a method that leverages gesture interaction to enable a user to efficiently expand and collapse hierarchical data structures.
    IPCOM000237530D | 2014-Jun-20
  7. 97.
    Disclosed is a method to reduce or eliminate the overhead accrued by shared access during Unified Parallel C (UPC) runtime.
    IPCOM000237529D | 2014-Jun-20
  8. 98.
    Disclosed is a Make it Better (MIB) methodology to continuously generate innovative ideas, improve targets, metrics, and way of doing business by establishing focal points for each strategic area to improve employees’ engagement, synergy and teamwork, and intra- and inter-teams. The project executes in six-month...
    IPCOM000237528D | 2014-Jun-20
  9. 99.
    Disclosed are comprehensive visual verification methods to conveniently and efficiently assert physical presence to a server.
    IPCOM000237527D | 2014-Jun-19
  10. 100.
    Systems and techniques for stereo audio fingerprinting and/or matching are presented. A fingerprint component generates a first audio fingerprint for a first audio channel associated with media content, a second audio fingerprint for a second audio channel associated with the media content, and a third audio...
    IPCOM000237526D | 2014-Jun-19