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  1. 121.
    Disclosed is a process control to validate stubs in PCB backdrilling process.
    IPCOM000237505D | 2014-Jun-19
  2. 122.
    Techniques are presented to disable wireless transmissions in response to detecting imminent opening of a portal (door) of the radio frequency (RF) isolated perimeter of a secure domain. This mechanism prevents violation of security policy by preventing leakage of RF energy outside the perimeter of the secure domain.
    IPCOM000237504D | 2014-Jun-19
  3. 123.
    Disclosed are a system and method to detect and prevent a hearing loss performed via analyses of a subject’s use of a telephony device data and sensors. The method consists of determining an acoustic noise exposure profile of the user, comparing the observed behavior during call reception with the community’s mean...
    IPCOM000237503D | 2014-Jun-19
  4. 124.
    Disclosed is a system which given a book and a knowledge graph, generate personalized mini books, each explaining a different concept covered in the book. These mini books are personalized as the generation of the mini books is in accordance with the student’s current knowledge state.
    IPCOM000237502D | 2014-Jun-19
  5. 125.
    Disclosed is a proposed model for statistical prediction of mass inflow rate in a railway station and accordingly to optimize both queue length as well as infrastructure cost incurred. This model will address the existing issues of high queue length in ticket counters due to insufficient number of workers or...
    IPCOM000237501D | 2014-Jun-19
  6. 126.
    In this article we presente a method for correct delivery of a user utterance based on pre-computed conversation model. In case of multiple recipient score is computed with respect to all the active chat histories and pre-computed conversation models.
    IPCOM000237500D | 2014-Jun-19
  7. 127.
    Disclosed is a system and method to improve missed call alert service. Missed call service account to significant revenue for mobile service providers. In current missed call services receiving party is notified if there is network problem, out of reach situation or phone is switched off. This article propose a...
    IPCOM000237499D | 2014-Jun-19
  8. 128.
    We present an energy management system for a community in which the some residents may have in-house electricity generation capabilities. The main advantages of this idea are (i) cost reduction for community residents in certain utility pricing schemes, (ii) reduction in the peak time load on (i.e., stabilization...
    IPCOM000237498D | 2014-Jun-19
  9. 129.
    • Problem – One job positions may be fulfilled by candidates with different profiles. – Current recruitment process has only one job description per job. It restricts those prospective candidates from applying, whose profile don’t have exact match with the job description. • Solution – ...
    IPCOM000237497D | 2014-Jun-19
  10. 130.
    Conventionally, VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technologies have single substrate/wafer thickness. However, with the advent of 3D technologies and TSV (Through Silicon VIA) enablement, same technology can now have multiple substrate/wafer thicknesses. This calls for parallel enhancement in the parasitic...
    IPCOM000237496D | 2014-Jun-19