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Month of June 2014 - Page Number 14

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  1. 131.
    Unstructured documents may contain sensitive business information Existing data redaction toolkits (such as ZoRRo or Infosphere Guardium) can detect and permanently redact such information However, no mechanism is available for edition of such documents (for the purpose of versioning) since this redaction process...
    IPCOM000237495D | 2014-Jun-19
  2. 132.
    Human beings can naturally interpret the "importance'' of a place or a region based on various factors such as its neighborhood, the connectivity infrastructure, etc. The importance of a region in turn plays a critical role in various decision policies such as development of business districts, residential...
    IPCOM000237494D | 2014-Jun-19
  3. 133.
    The current system returns search results for a given query grouped by one or more perspective, with each grouping ordered according to how representative (or valuable) the matches are to the given perspective. The current system also automatically determines the perspectives (and sub-perspectives) that are...
    IPCOM000237493D | 2014-Jun-19
  4. 134.
    Replicating the data at backup site needs much network bandwidth. The approach shown in this article is to record the instructions being applied on the data on disc since the last backup and apply the same instructions at backup site at regular intervals of time. This approach is to use less network bandwidth and...
    IPCOM000237492D | 2014-Jun-19
  5. 135.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically showing popular / trending nearby information. The method and system allows display of popular or trending information on a user’s display device by extracting data from history of log files stored in the display device and automatically determining user interested...
    IPCOM000237491D | 2014-Jun-19
  6. 136.
    Disclosed is a method to provide an additional layer of security for a document in a high security Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. With this method, no user, other than the one who retrieves a given document, can identify the document by reading the associated system identifier.
    IPCOM000237490D | 2014-Jun-19
  7. 137.
    A method is disclosed for organizing solution deployment software into multiple modules. The multiple modules may be deployment handlers. The deployment handlers are configured for deploying changes for one artifact or an item or group of items in an artifact.
    IPCOM000237489D | 2014-Jun-19
  8. 138.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing ad hoc integrations to enable data updates in user owned database with a trusted source.
    IPCOM000237488D | 2014-Jun-19
  9. 139.
    Disclosed is a system that determines the tone that an author is trying to convey in a document via Natural Language Processing (NLP) (annotators) and machine learning techniques. When the system detects that an entered word does not match the current tone, it highlights the word and offers a synonymous suggestion.
    IPCOM000237487D | 2014-Jun-19
  10. 140.
    A method and system is disclosed for managing restart of non-recoverable or automatically committed changes that are managed in a replication system based on transactional data.
    IPCOM000237486D | 2014-Jun-19