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  1. 161.
    This disclosure describes the use of a number of different technologies to optimise the approach of vehicle drivers to automated traffic signals. This would be achieved by relaying the timing of the next signal change to a device that can translate this data into actionable information such as 'maintain speed' or...
    IPCOM000237465D | 2014-Jun-18
  2. 162.
    A method for parameterized deployment policy and parameters map for increased automation of service configuration deployment is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237464D | 2014-Jun-18
  3. 163.
    A method for allowing a running virtual machine (VM) to have access to it's own previously stored states is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237463D | 2014-Jun-18
  4. 164.
    This document describes the a passive solution to avoid speckles in a Head-up display. Furthermore in a second chapter an optical feedback solution to measure and control the focal length of focus tunable lenses is described.
    IPCOM000237462D | 2014-Jun-18
  5. 165.
    The idea provides methods improve virtualization environments by coordinating guest workload housekeeping tasks - like garbage collection or index rebuilding - of multiple guests. On top of that coordination a hipervisor can also providing adaptive resource allocation related to such guest tasks. At the core of it a...
    IPCOM000237461D | 2014-Jun-18
  6. 166.
    1. ABSTRACT Milling of thin-walled, mostly symmetrical, complex and large structures, e.g. frames taken from either Aluminium or Titanium plate or from forging semi-finished starting stock. Current technology is to carry out milling of frames on conventional milling centers with a single spindle side by side. This...
    IPCOM000237460D | 2014-Jun-18
  7. 167.
    The active power (P) ramp rate control functionality performed by a Power Plant Controller (PPC) for controlling a Wind Power Plant (WPP) handles the P ramp rate control under the scenarios including both the wind speed reaches nominal wind speed and is below nominal wind speed. Especially this control is effective...
    IPCOM000237459D | 2014-Jun-18
  8. 168.
    1. ABSTRACT A new type of Cleat (support angles for frames in aircrafts) was needed when introducing integrated-extruded frames. In order to stiffen these parts, one edge of a cleat was designed with a folding edge. This makes up for the lack of stiffness, which resulted of the shape of the new cleat design. A...
    IPCOM000237458D | 2014-Jun-18
  9. 169.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically choosing advertisement theme color for display on a webpage. The method and system automatically choose a best theme color for display of online advertisement in harmonic with background color of a webpage. Background color of a webpage is used as metadata for...
    IPCOM000237450D | 2014-Jun-18
  10. 170.
    A method is disclosed for creating a ranking list using crowd sourcing service. The method includes combining pairwise preference of items provided by crowdsourcing participants into a full ranking list. Additionally, a Thurstonian Pairwise Preference (TPP) model is implemented to infer distribution of gold standard...
    IPCOM000237449D | 2014-Jun-18