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    Disclosed is a software application for smart phones or mobile devices that uses speech and physical behavioral recognition to learn the contexts in which a user may require certain assistance, and then provide assistance as needed.
    IPCOM000237630D | 2014-Jun-27
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a method to apply a set of context questions as feedback for optimizing the parameters of the latent semantic analysis of Chinese language, in the field of the natural language processing.
    IPCOM000237629D | 2014-Jun-27
  3. 13.
    Disclosed is a cell flipping method that enables, on average, all transistors in the Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) array to experience a similar total ionizing dose (TID) effect. Then, a back bias can be used to compensate for the Vt shift.
    IPCOM000237628D | 2014-Jun-27
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    claims: ยง A methodology to identification of good solution combination to improve sales performance, which includes: - select the main products with high win-rate for the target customer - Find the hot ad-joint products together with the main products, and generate the hot combination set. - ...
    IPCOM000237627D | 2014-Jun-27
  5. 15.
    This paper presents a novel method for automatic lesion detection in breast ultrasound images; the method performs multi-stage learning of lesion-specific boundaries represented by a bag of robust features. The proposed method can be seen as an edge pruning procedure that leaves only object-specific edges and fillters...
    IPCOM000237626D | 2014-Jun-27
  6. 16.
    A method to enable high level performance collection and analysis utilizing light weight meta-messages is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237625D | 2014-Jun-27
  7. 17.
    1. ABSTRACT The aim of this invention is to improve the installation time and cost of a secondary structure bracket assembly process. In the state of the art each bracket has only one installation philosophy, it means it can be riveted, glued or screwed; each of this has an advantage or disadvantage. For a rivet...
    IPCOM000237624D | 2014-Jun-27
  8. 18.
    This paper introduces a mechanism that enables users to enhance CPU performance by reducing its wait time.
    IPCOM000237623D | 2014-Jun-27
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    1. ABSTRACT When coating elements with for example Nickel or Bronze in flame spraying systems supporting or auxiliary elements supporting the coating of the elements maybe coated with Nickel or Bronze as well. Cleaning of such supporting or auxiliary elements is labour intensive and expensive. A solution is to coat...
    IPCOM000237622D | 2014-Jun-27
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    A method for dynamic, adaptive resolution for performance instrumentation is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237621D | 2014-Jun-27