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  1. 191.
    A method and system is disclosed for generating functional background for applications using genetic programming. The method and system combines a population of base functions (f(x,y, a1, a2, using a set of mixing functions such as, but not limited to, +, -, /, and exp, to produce a dynamic pixel shader. ...
    IPCOM000237428D | 2014-Jun-18
  2. 192.
    A method and system is disclosed for reverse engineering a stack trace generated at a crash to auto-generate test cases for each function/method call in an order of appearance in the stack trace. For each such function/method call called in a stack frame, a unit-test or functional-test is auto-generated to help...
    IPCOM000237427D | 2014-Jun-18
  3. 193.
    The disclosure invents a method to generate, maintain and restore task oriented snapshots. A snapshot contains one to many applications and services.
    IPCOM000237426D | 2014-Jun-18
  4. 194.
    A method and system is disclosed for creating a composite password. The method and system enables a user to create the composite password by utilizing a set of stand-alone passwords.
    IPCOM000237425D | 2014-Jun-18
  5. 195.
    A method and system is disclosed for leveraging data within log files and cross referencing it with a source code of an application. The method and system allows developers and other interested parties to quickly identify issues within log files and navigate to the relevant source code of the application. The method...
    IPCOM000237424D | 2014-Jun-18
  6. 196.
    A method and system is disclosed for interactively learning a user's product preferences and providing refined product recommendations based on the user's feedback in real time. The method and system allows the user to adjust the recommendation model by providing hints to the system. Based on the hints provided by...
    IPCOM000237423D | 2014-Jun-18
  7. 197.
    A method for recommending digital content to a group of users based on information mined from one or more sources is disclosed. The information may comprise of information relating to offline consumption of one or more digital content by each user of the group. In an instance, the method may recommend a movie to a...
    IPCOM000237422D | 2014-Jun-18
  8. 198.
    A method and system is disclosed for allowing a customer to shop physically at a retail store and get products delivered through an associated e-commerce platform avoiding hassles such as carrying shopping bags and paying cash to the retail store. The method and system allows the customer to scan a QR code on the...
    IPCOM000237421D | 2014-Jun-18
  9. 199.
    IPCOM000237420D | Original Publication Date: 2014-Jun-18
  10. 200.
    Disclosed is a system that helps to reduce the danger caused by drivers that forget to turn off their high beams while at the same time provides a level of lighting that allows the driver to have improved visibility while also not impairing other drivers.
    IPCOM000237419D | 2014-Jun-17