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  1. 201.
    A model is proposed which can aggregate user’s feedback from different published photographs and display the analysis data in electronic map, or mobile phone focus can be augmented with the analysis data.
    IPCOM000237418D | 2014-Jun-17
  2. 202.
    A program is disclosed which will analyze the structure of a document from its configuration metadata and accordingly will create a navigation plan. While reading, Invention will track user’s eye direction and accordingly navigation of the document will be executed automatically.
    IPCOM000237417D | 2014-Jun-17
  3. 203.
    A program is disclosed by which, with finger gesture, user can create one or more horizontal folds in any open page of any e-book, webpage etc. User can also unfold the horizontal fold. The folded portion can be shared.
    IPCOM000237416D | 2014-Jun-17
  4. 204.
    A program is disclosed by which, there will be two types of scrollbar together. The main scrollbar will be vertical and/or horizontal scrollbar. In this case user will move his finger straight and another will be radial scroll bar, for radial scrollbar user will move his finger in radial direction to scroll a page....
    IPCOM000237415D | 2014-Jun-17
  5. 205.
    A program is disclosed by which, based on user’s input Invention will track which photographs are marked to be deleted or not shared and accordingly invention will perform, Contextual analysis of the photograph, extract Metadata from the photograph, Image object extraction (human, non-human) etc. Invention will add...
    IPCOM000237414D | 2014-Jun-17
  6. 206.
    A system and method for configuring new devices on a home network, using location information and an Internet-accessible database of configuration templates.
    IPCOM000237413D | 2014-Jun-17
  7. 207.
    A method and system is disclosed for allowing one or more of a processor and a next level cache to read one or more lines locked by a state machine for eviction from a multilevel write back cache.
    IPCOM000237412D | 2014-Jun-17
  8. 208.
    A program is disclosed by which software will analyze each published photograph by different users and if the invention finds the published photograph contains potential advertisement then the publisher of the photograph will earn some loyalty points. Identification of objects can be done in advertisement server or in...
    IPCOM000237411D | 2014-Jun-17
  9. 209.
    Described is a method for protecting code from running in unlicensed environments. The method uses a training phase to detect allowable method calls by an application and then tunes a security system to allow only these method calls when the application is deployed in a production environment.
    IPCOM000237410D | 2014-Jun-17
  10. 210.
    The disclosed invention describes a system and method for visualizing movement of objects using 3D capture and display.
    IPCOM000237409D | 2014-Jun-17