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  1. 231.
    A method for selective online data migration for upgrading software in a continuous delivery environment is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237388D | 2014-Jun-16
  2. 232.
    A method and system is disclosed for streaming advertisements in a computing device based on interest of a user. The interest of the user is detected and measured using gaze tracking device.
    IPCOM000237387D | 2014-Jun-16
  3. 233.
    A method for splitting an original HTML page into multiple HTML pages and rendering only a subset of the multiple HTML pages at a time is disclosed. An underlying HTML code of the HTML page is extracted and converted into an input string. The input string is then parsed to identify a structure of the HTML page. The...
    IPCOM000237386D | 2014-Jun-16
  4. 234.
    A fixed abrasive lapping pad, having diamond agglomerate as the abrasive particle was used to lap C-plane sapphire wafers. A coolant was used that contained silicon carbide (SiC) particles or alumina particles as conditioning particles to condition or dress the fixed abrasive during the lapping process. Sapphire...
    IPCOM000237385D | 2014-Jun-16
  5. 235.
    A method is disclosed for using one or more spy e-mail accounts for detecting malicious activity. In order to encourage malicious parties in compromising the spy e-mail accounts, the spy e-mail accounts can be made non-distinguishable from normal accounts. For instance, this can be done, by adding the spy e-mail...
    IPCOM000237384D | 2014-Jun-16
  6. 236.
    A method for automatically populating a calendar with financial information related to events is disclosed. One or more events along with their financial information are extracted from one or more sources, such as emails, social networks and credit card information.
    IPCOM000237383D | 2014-Jun-16
  7. 237.
    Disclosed is a method and system for designing an optimized critical path for a user to avail one or more services at one or more service points. The method and system reduces waiting time of the user. The method and system considers live digestion rate of the one or more services at the one or more service points...
    IPCOM000237382D | 2014-Jun-16
  8. 238.
    Disclosed is a method for using a mobile device of a user as a key to lock/unlock one or more pages of a web site to protect private data of the user on the web site. The method utilizes a unique identifier associated with the mobile device and the web site such as, but not limited to, the media access control...
    IPCOM000237381D | 2014-Jun-16
  9. 239.
    A method and system for providing a visual aid to reveal one or more actionable items on a touch device user interface is disclosed. The method and system wiggles the one or more actionable items on the touch device so that the user can understand which items are actionable.
    IPCOM000237380D | 2014-Jun-16
  10. 240.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing a user with recommendation for selection of clothes and accessories from a wardrobe. A recommendation engine based on one or more parameters, such as, but not limited to, weather forecast for the day/next few hours, time of the day, season, horoscope, calendar, goals and...
    IPCOM000237379D | 2014-Jun-16