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  1. 241.
    A method and system for identifying a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a website based on image recognition is disclosed. The method and system disclosed herein allows a user to capture an image of a website and upload the image of the website to a server. The server includes mappings for one or more images to one...
    IPCOM000237378D | 2014-Jun-16
  2. 242.
    A method for providing to a sender of an email, information associated with an error code of one or more error codes comprised in an error message generated as a consequence of a failure in delivery of the email. In prior art subsequent to failure of delivery of the email, the sender may be presented with an error...
    IPCOM000237377D | 2014-Jun-16
  3. 243.
    This paper describe a design-for-debug method to diagnosis chip on board level with DFT(Design-For-Test) scan patterns that are totally re-used from patterns on Auto Test Equipment (ATE). The combination of hardware and software in this method can reuse original ATPG (Automatic Test Pattern Generation) patterns under...
    IPCOM000237376D | 2014-Jun-16
  4. 244.
    A method and system for merging images captured by front and back cameras of a mobile device is disclosed. The method and system utilizes an application to merge images captured by the front and back cameras of the mobile device and obtain a composite image. The composite image is an editable image and can be edited...
    IPCOM000237375D | 2014-Jun-16
  5. 245.
    Standard cell designing has been a prime activity in achieving the desired outcome from a technology. There has been a lot of innovation around the cell structures that has provided stability yet flexibility in cell usage for complex microcontrollers. This paper will presents yet another enhancement to standard cell...
    IPCOM000237374D | 2014-Jun-16
  6. 246.
    A method and system for implementing a smart password is disclosed. The method generates passwords based on life events and corresponding time lines which are easier to remember while being secure.
    IPCOM000237373D | 2014-Jun-16
  7. 247.
    A method and system for providing a specialized user interface for solving a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) image received on a mobile device is disclosed. The specialized user interface includes a custom keyboard with reduced set of alphanumeric characters that...
    IPCOM000237372D | 2014-Jun-16
  8. 248.
    A method and system for associating icons, with varying degree of information, with one or more objects on a map is disclosed. The information rendered along with the icons is varied based on activity associated with the one or more objects in a social network. Such representation assists users to realize the social...
    IPCOM000237371D | 2014-Jun-16
  9. 249.
    A method and system for dynamically providing location based answers to users is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237370D | 2014-Jun-16
  10. 250.
    A method and system for automatically delivering customized UI elements based on user preferences. The method and system uses information such as demographics, behavior and usage patterns of a set of users and modifies the appearance of a web page for new users based on the information.
    IPCOM000237369D | 2014-Jun-16