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  1. 251.
    A method and system for automatically suggesting calendar slots by deciphering email text is disclosed. The method and system displays a quick view of available slots in a calendar based on a date typed in the email text.
    IPCOM000237368D | 2014-Jun-16
  2. 252.
    A system is disclosed for automatic retrieval of emails or data exchanges between users who are tagged in an image via a social platform.
    IPCOM000237367D | 2014-Jun-16
  3. 253.
    This disclosure sets out a method and system for actively monitoring the state of a driver and his/her consciousness. This is then used to select an appropriate method to increase the consciousness if required.
    IPCOM000237366D | 2014-Jun-16
  4. 254.
    A method and system for identifying genuine emails from spam emails is disclosed. The genuine email may be a “may not be spam email”. The method and system comprises reading multiple emails present in a spam folder before deleting all emails present in the spam folder and identifying emails that may not be spam but...
    IPCOM000237365D | 2014-Jun-16
  5. 255.
    The HVDC bushing comprises at least one of a linear or nonlinear resistive field grading material element which connects a grounded wall with a HV end of the bushing along an external surface of the bushing. The selection of the field grading material and its appropriate arrangement on the bushing lead to equidistant...
    IPCOM000237364D | 2014-Jun-16
  6. 256.
    The present invention concerns a detergent composition comprising one or more anionic surfactants; an enzyme selected from the group consisting of: a protease, a lipase, a cutinase, an amylase, a carbohydrase, a cellulase, a pectinase, a mannanase, an arabinase, a galactanase, a xylanase, and an oxidase; and a...
    IPCOM000237363D | 2014-Jun-16
  7. 257.
    This article introduces a new approach for handling information communications between JavaScript widgets(Ojbects), which performs better than existing approaches when communications between one widget and another. In this approach, widgets register nick names in third-part registry, and send message to specific...
    IPCOM000237362D | 2014-Jun-16
  8. 258.
    A new E-clip and back plate structure are created to generate the pre-assembly connection. This kind of clutch connection can make sure the CPU heat sink will not be leaning during the screw driving down process.
    IPCOM000237361D | 2014-Jun-16
  9. 259.
    1. Öltransformatorschaltgerüst, umfassend wenigstens ein längliches Kanalelement (10, 30, 40, 52, 72, 74, 76, 78) aus im Wesentlichen einer U-ähnlich gebogenen Wandung, welches dafür vorgesehen ist, in seinem von der Wandung begrenzten Innenbereich Leiterseile (54) aufzunehmen, welche in einem Ölkessel (88) eines...
    IPCOM000237360D | 2014-Jun-16
  10. 260.
    In big data analysis, finding the correlation relationship among the individual observed variables is much more valuable than the causal relationship. In the aspect of correlation relationship, multivariate statistics is a kind of important and common statistics to help people understand the relationship between...
    IPCOM000237359D | 2014-Jun-16