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  1. 261.
    This article describes a method to enable DSMS application to keep scoring incoming data without shutdown or suspending, even when the data mining tool DSMS leverages changes its data model. The method saves time of stopping and restarting DSMS, and ensures the incoming data is not lost during data model changing.
    IPCOM000237358D | 2014-Jun-16
  2. 262.
    A method will be introduced which will do more negotiation during socket connection to make client and server understand each other’ s behavior, and avoid error or function broken during communication. There is one more negotiation process introduced after a socket is connected. In this negotiation process, client...
    IPCOM000237357D | 2014-Jun-16
  3. 263.
    The complex failure modes for large software applications often make it very hard for system operators to effectively diagnose and rectify problems. Application incident diagnosis is challenging because of complicated causes aggregated from shared environment, network, hardware, software, and dynamic changes of...
    IPCOM000237356D | 2014-Jun-16
  4. 264.
    A method and system for pushing advertisements (Ads) based on visual recognition of one or more items during a video call. The one or more items may be recognized using a camera that is used in the video call and contextual advertisements related to the one or more items is presented to a user.
    IPCOM000237355D | 2014-Jun-16
  5. 265.
    Automatically identifying syndrome based ECC logic in a chip design RTL based merely on the netlist. Given an internal or external design it enables assessment of how protected and safe the design is for an external or internal examiner; it also enables debugging for the designer. It can also serve as an basis...
    IPCOM000237354D | 2014-Jun-15
  6. 266.
    A method and system is disclosed for creating an intra-mobile application bookmark. The method and system enables a user to bypass any pre-requisite screens to directly arrive at a portion of an application that is most useful to the user at a particular time to achieve a task.
    IPCOM000237353D | 2014-Jun-15
  7. 267.
    Disclosed is a method and system for increasing data bus performance by leveraging existing error correction mechanisms to transfer data between two interconnected devices.
    IPCOM000237348D | 2014-Jun-13
  8. 268.
    Biometric sensors, including fingerprint area and placement sensors, in mobile devices (phones, tablets, phablets, readers, and other devices) can be placed in a variety of surfaces on the mobile devices, including the back of the device. For example, some devices include a physical button adjacent to, or part of, a...
    IPCOM000237347D | 2014-Jun-13
  9. 269.
    Detecting which hand is interacting with a device can enhance the experience of a user. As illustrated in Figure 1, the button area containing the touch interface of a device can be placed in a region of the display that the user is better able to reach. In response to detecting handedness, the GUI of the device can...
    IPCOM000237346D | 2014-Jun-13
  10. 270.
    Disclosed is a method to build the Event Transaction Manager on any middle-ware component, based upon the Staged Event Drive Architecture (SEDA). It delivers a framework of components that are required to set up an Enterprise Application Integration message handling platform step-by-step.
    IPCOM000237345D | 2014-Jun-13