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  1. 281.
    Here is disclosed a 'daisy-keyboard' which is round with eight directions letters groups, it can be used as a complete Keyboard or as a T9 Keyboard. This architecture allows the user to write on a touch screen by acting in any point of text area (user is not limited by keys position); it does not take up space on the...
    IPCOM000237334D | 2014-Jun-13
  2. 282.
    It is already known to print an updated and refreshed copy of an original physical document without leveraging on a computer with OCR technology and a text editor; generate a new document copy containing real time variable assignment values; synchronize back the electronic copy of the document, if any, with the last...
    IPCOM000237333D | 2014-Jun-13
  3. 283.
    This publication discloses a filesystem that allows to selectively mark a set of files or directories to be physically located on a specific portion of the backed disk device so that it can be in turn mapped to a specific physical disk through the device mapper facility.
    IPCOM000237332D | 2014-Jun-13
  4. 284.
    Here is disclosed a simple way to extract alerts from the complex operating system logging tool records. These records have different structures, depending on the product that is writing the records. This solution allows to normalize the data and apply on it an expert system to generate alerts.
    IPCOM000237331D | 2014-Jun-13
  5. 285.
    For any reference to applications that expose a web graphical user interface, it is a very common to provide screenshots that illustrate the GUI. For example, a very typical case is when a customer communicates a problem found in such an application, he provides one or more screenshots to show the problem. However,...
    IPCOM000237330D | 2014-Jun-13
  6. 286.
    The invention proposes a technique to define boundary of a circle at starting of post processing, and limit computation only with a circle in CT image domain. Size of the circle depends on size of the image and on an algorithm specific parameter applied on the image. This optimization approach does not compromise the...
    IPCOM000237329D | 2014-Jun-13
  7. 287.
    Disclosed are a method and system to automate and test content positioning on a page. The engine automatically attempts various combinations of content by repositioning, hiding, and shifting content, and analyzing statistics to understand the optimal combination.
    IPCOM000237325D | 2014-Jun-13
  8. 288.
    Disclosed is a system to detect and report safety issues of other vehicles while driving. The system uses sensors, such as a dash camera and a computer, to detect safety issues with other vehicles and reports any issue to the driver of the unsafe vehicle.
    IPCOM000237324D | 2014-Jun-13
  9. 289.
    Disclosed is a new shared testing service that is e added to a Platform as a Service (Paas) facility to offer customers the necessary test resources in a virtual environment. With this system, customers create test scenarios using a policy-driven approach that uses terminology familiar to test team members;...
    IPCOM000237323D | 2014-Jun-13
  10. 290.
    Disclosed is a method and system for providing dynamic canonical collections across a plurality of sources by clustering near duplicate media across different devices and social media sites sources into one coherent collection. The method and system assists a user in organizing and managing a collection of media by a...
    IPCOM000237322D | 2014-Jun-13