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  1. 291.
    A method and system for organizing and displaying time sensitive advertisements in a calendar is disclosed. The method and system selects user targeted time sensitive advertisements and displays the advertisements in the calendar in form of colored lines.
    IPCOM000237321D | 2014-Jun-13
  2. 292.
    Disclosed is a method and system for verifying field programmable gate array configuration files stored in NOR flash memory at predetermined periodic intervals.
    IPCOM000237320D | 2014-Jun-13
  3. 293.
    Disclosed is a method and system for providing an electromagnetic compatibility clip for ungrounded connectors by molding a metallic frame.
    IPCOM000237319D | 2014-Jun-13
  4. 294.
    Disclosed is a novel design for cable retention device. A metallic clip fits over the molded cable connector boot, and has a two-prong fork that fits into a slot on the connector panel and acts as the panel retention feature.
    IPCOM000237318D | 2014-Jun-13
  5. 295.
    Disclosed is a novel holistic selection and feedback approach to facilitating user selections for a system upgrade. The method allows the user to know the selection options as well as the system requirements for a correct linear upgrade.
    IPCOM000237317D | 2014-Jun-12
  6. 296.
    Disclosed is a system in which a cell phone automatically holds a call, message, and/or location information until a signal is received and the information can be sent.
    IPCOM000237316D | 2014-Jun-12
  7. 297.
    Disclosed is a basis for an algorithm that detects a user's environment, calculates a risk factor, and reserves power on the smart phone for an emergency call.
    IPCOM000237315D | 2014-Jun-12
  8. 298.
    Disclosed is a leveling device that aids a user in installing an array or group of holes so that the holes are within the desired alignment. The device incorporates methods that use a laser system, a smart camera, or a smart phone.
    IPCOM000237314D | 2014-Jun-12
  9. 299.
    Disclosed is a method to utilize a wearable device in the form of smart goggles to coordinate what the user is viewing with the corresponding computer keyboard or mouse. At a workstation having multiple input/output devices, the user simply has to look at desired screen to assign the mouse/keyboard/peripheral...
    IPCOM000237313D | 2014-Jun-12
  10. 300.
    Disclosed is a method to save power during multiphase dc/dc conversion. The solution is to add a time delay of a finite length into the turn-off of the adjacent low-side Field Effect Transistor (FET) when the high-side FET fires, in order to reduce the current flowing through body diode.
    IPCOM000237312D | 2014-Jun-12