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  1. 301.
    Disclosed is a method to use a driver’s history of driving habits to customize the vehicle’s levels of fuel economy and environmental impact data to the individual.
    IPCOM000237311D | 2014-Jun-12
  2. 302.
    The speed of moving objects can be measured using several methods such as radar guns, the Doppler Effect, or the signal strength of radio signals. However, existing approaches require either relatively bulky physical sizes or complex signal processing, which in turn increase the costs of the measuring tools. This...
    IPCOM000237310D | 2014-Jun-12
  3. 303.
    Disclosed is a system that pairs a thermistor with a timer to make a smart cap that accurately indicates a product’s actual expiration date.
    IPCOM000237309D | 2014-Jun-12
  4. 304.
    Disclosed is a method to use a light sensing circuit to provide 240VA protection to servers in place of a typical pressure switch in the server cover. This light sensor detects when the top cover is opened or removed and then, through logic on the server planar, enforces the 240VA safety limits.
    IPCOM000237308D | 2014-Jun-12
  5. 305.
    A method and system is disclosed for predicting impact on infrastructure caused by weather related events by integrating weather data with a statistical damage model.
    IPCOM000237307D | 2014-Jun-12
  6. 306.
    The invention proposes an autonomous intelligent robotic system to work in collaboration with a human being. The intelligent robotic system is aware of action of the robotic system and another robot and associated action in a room. The robot is able to identify when the human enters specific workspace, analyze action...
    IPCOM000237306D | 2014-Jun-12
  7. 307.
    The invention provides a technique to develop a detector with a detachable structure in an x-ray system. The detachable detector allows a field engineer to replace defect part of the detector to reduce service expense. The invention works through several mechanisms which include modular design of the detector...
    IPCOM000237305D | 2014-Jun-12
  8. 308.
    IPCOM000237304D | 2014-Jun-12
  9. 309.
    This article presents a method and system of multiple level authentication. For a single device, it has different passwords in different locacation, or it has same password with dynamically changed variants on complexities based on locations. Locacation can be located by GPS or other approaches such as badge and...
    IPCOM000237303D | 2014-Jun-12
  10. 310.
    Nowadays, traffic becomes more and more important in our life, especially for the subway which has been the first choice for traveling. When taking the subway, it is hard to choose a carriage, where there are less passengers, for more convenient travel. This will become more serious in the rush hour. Our...
    IPCOM000237302D | 2014-Jun-12