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  1. 311.
    This invention provide a method to save stack link bandwidth and make full use of port channel bandwidth in stacking topology. All stacking units maintain a token bucket for local port channel members separately. When packets come to a unit, it will request tokens from local port channel member links. This...
    IPCOM000237301D | 2014-Jun-12
  2. 312.
    IPCOM000237300D | 2014-Jun-12
  3. 313.
    Provide new database component called insert optimizer. When Database evaluates a insert sql for execution several steps are taken to ensure the best performance given the information Database has in the form of table statistics. It finds the optimal insert evaluation plan for the underlying insert statement. An...
    IPCOM000237299D | 2014-Jun-12
  4. 314.
    Disclosed is a system to match the identity and location of the owner of a card to the location being used to identify the owner of the card and the person that is using the card in a highly secure and more heuristic way to prevent a fraud before the transaction is approved.
    IPCOM000237298D | 2014-Jun-12
  5. 315.
    Every electrical outlet becomes an intelligent power source in the grid. Each outlet is intelligently programmed with location information. When a device is plugged in, it would received detailed location information from the outlet. This would provide useful when IBM Call Home is utilized with an issues to deliver...
    IPCOM000237297D | 2014-Jun-12
  6. 316.
    A method for context sensitive dump messaging priority scheme for converged adapters is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237296D | 2014-Jun-12
  7. 317.
    System and method for mapping biometric stress levels to computer activity
    IPCOM000237295D | 2014-Jun-12
  8. 318.
    Secure content on a mobile devices inherently have higher security vunerabilities because of the device's mobility. This article describes a mechanism for better protecting secure content by shredding the data when detecting the device leaving a secure area or moving into at-risk conditions.
    IPCOM000237294D | 2014-Jun-11
  9. 319.
    A system and method for secure granular authorization and audit implementation in a distributed enterprise computing environment is disclosed.
    IPCOM000237293D | 2014-Jun-11
  10. 320.
    A user interface mechanism for revealing the processing occurring in an underlying system.
    IPCOM000237292D | 2014-Jun-11